Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good News Everyone~

Patapon 2 is coming out! ( I still stuck in the raingod there thou)

Anyway! Patapon 2 can MULTIPLAYER!!!! Wootz! Finally ~ I knew it ! Multiplayer will be very exciting i guess, all will be shouting and cursing while trying to get the beats correctly. =) Patapon 2 will have double the content and more bosses fights!

Know why they don't put Multiplayer function in Patapon? Read this :

As Kotani put it to Weekly Famitsu, the original Patapon lacked multiplayer because he thought it would be too hard for players to come to grips with. "You control a lot of characters at once in Patapon, so we thought multiplayer would be too difficult to deal with," he says. ( Quote from 1up fyi)
Damn. They think we are small kid or what? haha

Another happy thing is~~~ tada LocoRoco 2 is coming out soon! Source say is now 75% complete and yes boys and gals can now craze abt those tiny lil cute "NOOIII NOOIII" creatures again.
More maps, more things to collect, more features and more ability! Basically is MORE the fun! haha

Can't wait =)

FF Dissidia and Kingdom Heart coming soon too!

Conclusion : GO GET A PSP NOW !!

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