Friday, July 18, 2008


今天心情很糟.( 用华语发表一下...练习! 我不是香蕉)

好. 继续. . .

今天心情真的很糟. 虽然我脸上根本看不出来...反正也没有人会察觉, 除非我自己自己拿来衰跟人讲! (同情我吧~~~ XD) 不懂要怎样形容, 感觉很喘不过气来. 不服. 我不服. 为什么我就要到手的东西, 都给我一一搞塔! (有这个字吗?? )

法可. 华语退到冰河时代了??

fine. why the things that is there for me to grab, just right in front of me & i being retard or generous to let other ppl get it.

I lacking this confidence and courage. i am a coward. Coward people tend to be more magnanimous? How silly. But the truth of the truth is i not that kind of person.

I turning like this. I already 习惯自己一个人了....可怕. but i am tired of this.

我要和一个可以让我做自己的人一起. LET's HAVE FUn MAn.

p.s this is the side effect of 大姨妈. it just makes you feel sucky and painful. diu.