Sunday, July 6, 2008


Currently in love with hammer. ^^ Now i getting use to it and loving it for POK POK-ing those monster head. The moment they faint i damn happy. RAWR

some random shots :

The new puppet sword. - -

Hammer time!! FLY allen FLY!大锤的好处! 飞人!

I like this. =D POK! dead

GreatSword can make you fly too!

Nice view in the desert. ^^" 杀两只角龙~

naked time! 裸装杀讯龙. . . 好好玩

Long time never Kai but is okay cause got FF9 accompany me! whee yea i have ff9 in my Psp. Now i just passed the Ice Cavern ( yea i just started lol) My Zidane is currently almost level 10. ^^ Awww i just miss this game so much. Can't wait to finish it but bloody disc 4 i din get to download . Mahai link corrupt. - - oh well.

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