Sunday, July 27, 2008

If you can runaway

Like the title say

If you can runaway, where would you go? what would u bring with you? I wan to go everywhere. i'll bring a mp3 player( hopefully the battery can recharge with solar), a camera and ciggi. =D Okay and a deodorant ( spoiler ) LOL

light and easy. nope this not a radio channel promotion thing.

Just a thought. Sometimes you feel like letting go everything and go on a journey that have no mark on the map. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forward. Never look back. Unexpected outcome are waiting for you at the end.

sick of the usual life cycle. what is our purpose in this life? get educated, fuck some chicks, giv birth to a monster, work for a living and wait for the death.

Will we able to break the rules?

i hope one day i can.


Khairul Johari said...

don't look at ur back

smallfish said...

i'll bring a pack of ciggies, lighter, my lomo cam... hehehehe

书其 said...

what about money? XD

BuG said...

bug > khairul : look up!

bug > smallfish : hahaa yawo lighter =) i thought of saying lomo but i don hav lomo XD

bug > shuqi : money is not important ( only rich ppl say this but for my case i really no money to bring =) )

smallfish said...

BUY 1~ fast fast~ lai lai lai~ hehehehe