Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zero is hot.

Let me guess, the time we ever get 0 for a gred is when we have Add Math test in high school or we just leave the paper blank for fun. With the blessing of 大魔王 aka God, i got to add another 0 in my arkib of "Hey, I am a Smartass" . At least i not an idiot well maybe sometimes i act like one.

I got a 0 for my digital media assessment. =D Seriously? seriously.

This call sendiri cari pasal. I suppose to do the research, content developement and the infographic but i was thinking about Yian Kut Ku armor set and end up sketching characters design. XD Should i change to Film & Animation!?

After analysing the problem, *scan brain* the answer is damn easy.

I hate 'period' . baii baii liuchibaaaiiiieehh~~~

p.s I wonder why i stay up whole night for? For the sake of feeling-that-i-at-least-stay-up-whole-night-trying-to-do-the-research.

5:30am .