Monday, December 13, 2010

Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan

I watched this film (Eng title: Heartbeats) few days ago, gotta say it's been awhile since i watch any slow, love hate relationship screwing with your brain kind of movie. I kinda enjoyed it.

Is about these two good friends, a boy and a girl, fell and desire for the same new-comer in the town, a cute blonde dude. & how envious kick in between them, both fighting their own ways to impress and approach the cutie. In the end will the friendship survive the bittersoursweetness of the imaginative love they had?

I kinda amused by the shots of random people telling their disastrous relationship story in between the story. Especially the girl with the spec, she is rock and roll. :) one downfall of this movie is, too many unnecessary slow-mo in some scene, made me want to fast forward in few parts.

Boy: I think i like you, do you think you can like me as the same? I sick of rejection, i just want to find someone to be with & winter is coming... you don't want to be lonely and cold do ya? So, do you think we can be together?

Boy: ..... How can you think that i'm gay? How could you?

Cheers for breakfast in the bed.
4.5/10 :)


Mathilda77 said...

I enjoyed the movie as well.
In fact, even though he only directed two films so far (he is still young), I'm a huge fan of Wavier Dolan's work.
If you liked "Les Amours Imaginaires", you'd really take a look at this canadian website :

Dolan is searching for financial help to make his future movie. He talks about the story in this interview : (english subs in comments)

I'm in

Madmazelle said...

hi Mathilda77! just saw your comment, it was in the spam box, just realised it.

yes he is indeed still very young. definitely looking forward for his new production.

:) thx for the links! will keep an eye on him