Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sayonara 2007

Bye Bye 7 Welcome 8!

My extraordinary 7 finally over! Okay is not over yet but soon , VERY SOON. What had i done in this year? izit well spent?

Don't look back at the past now. ( i can't remember anything XD )

Let's talk about the future. Talk about future, there is this guy call John Titor. He claimed he is time traveller from 2035 year. Holyshit. I know is hard to believe, i don't really believe either but i don't deny there is some truth behind it. ^^ contradiction! yeahhhh baby~~ That is why my brain so messed up. Ha Ha. Anyway we will know is he is the real thing next year. YEAAA cause he said there will be no Olympic game after year 2004. Everybody know that 2008 Olympic gonna held at China, so if he is real thn 2008 Olympic game will be cancel. We will see.

Back to my talk about future! My resolution for 2008!!!!!

1. Live Life to the fullest again.
2. Get good cgpa. ( doink~ i am student~ mou bin la)
3. Earn some money.
4. Travel to different places (JAPAN!! Save money = 3=)
5. Change.
6. Share good things with friends around the world! ( lmao )

I wan to have fun and yet not forget about my responsibility as a student. ^^" My dreams haunt me at night! oh ya

7. Dream can come true.

I wan my dream to come true. Yesh. Watching it slipping further away from my grip really torture me. What is my dream? secret.

Okei 2007 is a great year for me i think. I lost and gain something at the same time. I learn more and more every year. This year i learned some lesson in some hard ways. *winks* There were tears and joys, sweet and sour blah blah. I realised my limitation. ( which is sad )


Nothing can stop me. I can do better. I would love to change. =) 2008 COME COME ~ "NO SCARE BEFORE" (mei keng guo) kakaka~ Translate : Bring it on. =3

Saturday, December 29, 2007

i am confuse


How can i be confused. I am not allowed to.

Shall just let it all go then.

p.s And for those immature dao gei~ pls dont come my blog here and kacao. thx

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

going crazy


烦烦! 烦什么? 自己也不知道 = = 总之最近都没什么情绪去玩 . 老娘老了吗? 哈哈 明明就还年轻却老声老气将 (吐血)

难道又发功课前发疯症 (=д=;) 汗.

我有历史~ 每当有功课要交可是却模来模去都没有start. . 压力一来 ~ 就! 咚咚呛! 来也!

真是 哇的发的他妈将! ^^ 原来打华语字和英文真的是有不一样的感觉. double dose! 绝代双'蕉'! 好想和一班朋友打game. 想念form4 form 5 的 gaming 时代! 超爽的. CC是我的第二个家吧? 哈哈 笑死人了. 现在? 可没那么得闲去CC了, 没办法~ 人老了就不会去享受玩乐. (干吗一直说自己老? = = ) 想起以前自己有多NOOB^_^应该说是初学者吧! 每个人一开始就是菜鸟! 哈哈 罗马不是一天造就的! 呵呵 开始语无伦次了
(-。 -; )

好累!其实菜鸟不容易当. 要给人笑,暗地里又得发奋自己level up. 高手就要maintain.

人难当. HAHA


不用理我. 我只是有点"齐心". ^_^ 要回CYBERJAYA咯!再见快快的Line,迎接dc unstable slow line in Cyberjaya~~~~ - - 可怜- _-||

如果有好心人士愿意捐"线"! 在下感激不易~


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

jolly merry xmas to me

Santa you're Mean!

Merry xmas to all! Christmas suppose to be the most happy festive season don't you think? But Santa pissed me off. Again and again he forgot to give me present. . .Yeaaaaaaa bastard.

Anyway! Went dinner with my mom at the new cafe at Menjalara - One station. Is not new but is new outlet there. Thx mom for the dinner. ^^

The food there is normal. . . not really that nice thou. Supposed to have chocolate cake but no stock instead we get icecream. = 3= Gark! Later on my mom want me to accompany her watch movie.... SOOOOOOO as a good girl...yeah hear me right GUD GAL haha i accompanied my mom watched 4 stephen chow movie continuously. ^^ Wicked insane. Is funny. . . =) gai loh yao aaaa!!!

Here is my Sohai Sunglasses pose with me again ho ho ho :


I am very very seriously lazy to socialize ... am i in some kind of illness? ^^ But i met some hunters online! Damn cool lo! nex time can gather and play lan together... but too bad my monster hunter version different... shld i chg to MHP2 ? = 3=

GODDD i miss gaming!!

Sometimes i wish i can be like a boy ! = = rawr. Okay girl is fine =3

Monday, December 24, 2007


Call me Hunter HR2

How can i forget about this GREAT new!!! Okay. On last Friday early morning around 645am to 730am, my mhf2 hunter (bb`Bug) finally raise from HR1 to HR2!

*HR = Hunter Rank

I am so happy! I was happy and now i am still happy! haha i know is no big deal just Hr2 but i fight alone till so far .. T_T only the last few mission lan with a fren coz lan is more cool. Anyway my teammate Marcus he keep faint in the mission cause he still newbie hehe.

Conclusion i am proud of myself!! Yea baby.

This is my hunter with Giaprey armor set. ^^ Hvnt color it yet cause i don't know how to. - - just a sketch~

i will add oil in my mhf2!!! go go go!!!! 猎人最赞哦!!!! 离开菜鸟咯!

Me against Myself

I, Me

Do you judge people? Who give you the authority to judge other people?

Yes i judge other people, but i don't judge myself. Maybe i am so get use to take care of myself i can't afford to disappoint myself. I can never let myself down.

Well same goes to other people, they judge me too.


Tell me how to trust a person. I don't even trust myself.


Sunday, December 23, 2007


No-Title. Rojak maybe.

damn damn. I left my camera's sd card at my Cyberjaya house! So, i can't blog about Ying's bday which on 16th of Dec. Happy Birthday Girl =) Wish you happy always ^^ Be strong!

Anyway, lots of things going around ..~ Had a bday surprise party,a bad day, a xmas party, went to a mamak that server very nice cheese naan ( i forgot the name ) and etc. End up : Out of Cash. - -

Oh ya bloody assignments are over now! Just left my dm's final assignment which need to make a min 3min30sec of motion graphic! It should be typography oriented and minimal graphics element. I still choosing the song for this project. @@ well well~~~~~~ this project is interesting and exciting but god dammit i don't know anything about the software part. Haleluya.

And and love is a funny thing. Seriously it is. The thing is i don't even know what that is. Do you really know what love is? All i know is it doesn't come easily, when you missed it, you will lost it forever. But if you fallen too deep you are in deep shit. =) HA HA HA .

Human can't bear loneliness. They can't stand to be alone. Consequences? Lots of stupidity decisions are make. Yea i'm included. Duh i am human too.

"Stop looking at my Va-jay-jay" HAHA this quote just came out of my head. Is by Doctor Bailey~~ XD I am Grey's Anatomy addict! wuala~

Here merry xmas to all~~~~ dedicate this song to all the bitches out there :

Friday, December 14, 2007

kena tagged

7even-Hell-Tag = =

Ah! unexpected then suddenly got tagged by YitMin. @@ Okei cut the crap shall start this tag now.

Everything have to have some rules ey? :
each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. people who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. they then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. they are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, to let them know that they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Number 1
This fella very love to play game but too bad now she hardly got time for gaming. Which is a very very very sad case.

Number 2
Have something to music and art but blur blur blur.

Number 3
Sometimes solitary is the best thing for her.

Number 4
She love and hate assignments. Depends which subject. = = Group work is very ....... prefer individual work.
Number 5
She like to just hang out at some cafe and 'tan' aka se-lam-ba there, reading and drinking and mayb some snacks~

Number 6
She is a very lousy fren~ yet she believe in true frenship.

Number 7
i born on July. i love 7.

next i gonna tag


Freaking week





Cant wait to Tuesday to be over....before that TORTURE!! I HATE ***** ****. = =

Monday, December 10, 2007


Penang Trip (Again) / Assignment Trip (- -")

Out of sudden, i decided to go to Penang on Friday last week. Okei then on Friday morning we start our journey on 12pm~ We are me, Myra, Cheese and Eunice. We going to Penang to take some photos and videos cause in our project we are doing about Penang (duh..)

The bus was freaking late and we reached Penang at around 11pm. On the next morning Saturday, we went to the town and hunt for CHar Guey Teow. XD Then we sat trishaw! Is damn 爽 and syok to sit trishaw in town area... Seriously, the cars will make way for trishaw man! and avoid traffic hassle. Even though is 1pm noon and the sun bloody generous with its UV ray~ i had fun with trishaw! Video of me n my frens in trishaw :

And i took some photos! =) Muahaha ~ my D40:

The sky is very blue! ( Fisherman village )

Sea breeze~

One of the temple in Penang. I like the red.

I like this shoot.

The famous Penang Road Cendol.

Batu feringgi~ "DVD" so cheap lo.

At Gurney Drive! Emmeline was playing psp! muahaha

Bought this "extremely sohai" sunglasses at BF. =D I think is not sohai la...XD

Ohyea~ Me and Emmeline played blow bubbles at Gurney Drive. haha BUBBLES! That night Gurney drive was surround by bubbles!

On the last day i went Queensbay and had pancake as my breakfast but the pancake does not even look like a pancake. = =" swt more like a chips than pancake man.

Went back KL and now i am sick! hooray . . .t(-_-t)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Ha ha ha . Woohooo yesterday whole day no sleep till 730am then i went to sleep . Thought of wake up at 830am and go to my 9am class which is Malaysian Studies.

Jeng Jeng Jeng.

F u c k. OVERSLEPT! Woke up at 1159am and discovered two words : HolyShit. Damn laa the percentage of this subject is now 55%. Will i kena Barred ? Pls dont bar me , i promise i will remember all the bloody party party name in Malaysia oh ya and all the years of confusion. KeKe

Hectic Hectic. Short sem is indeed sux. Everything like scramble together and 'Jiao' together. Have to take care of many things with one brain. Thx to the evolution, human's brain are multi-taskable. =)

Nocturnal i am. = = i think i will die young.

i went Swimming!! Tue and Wed nite time. The pool is fine, nope not cold at all. You guys should try swimming at night too. My friend Eunice ( the hoot chick) shocked hell out of my life! = =
While swimming happily in the pool ( imagine two couple chasing each other ) suddenly Eunice come to me and tell me:

" Can you see a gal standing there by the chair?"
"Huh what? (blurred)"
" I think is a ghost! Don't tell me you cant see it!"
" EE! i don't see anything there!"
" *look clearer* saw a gal wear black, whole body BLACK with tudung* er is that the girl?"
"YEa!! SHE IS SCARY WEI standing up there staring at the water"

For one sec there, when she told me she saw ghost and the part where i can't see it really freak me out! = = " I am a timid person. I see ants can jump 1. NIIIAAAMMMAAAA = = damn scary la. Nex time please wear something bright and happy like those couple chasing each other those type~~~ MuAhAhAHa

I finished my another Typography assignment. Tml gonna have submission and presentation. Present what? tak tau. Spontaneous sound fun. =) Wish my luck~ post my artwork after presentation. XD

Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday!

Big Girl

Shamond and her bf Meng ( haha walking in light)

Happy 21st Birthday to my lovely cousin - Xue Min aka Shamond.

Can't believe you grow 'old' so much !! keke. Anyway u are a amazing girl, a leader and humorous. (doink of coz she study PR! watch out!) I gonna say sorry to her cause i did not get her any present YET! It will be a lil bit late~ Gomen. So to redeem (so call) my sin i be the photographer in the celebration dinner of her 21st bday. ER okei i am not a good photographer, i take lots of blurred and expose photo. Anyway we had our fabulous western dinner at . .. . (I FORGOT THE RESTAURANT NAME) omg i don't even bother the restaurant name. Shamond you too stunning till i din't even notice the name of the restaurant =) keke spare me.

The restaurant is cool, decorated with xmas feel! is very nice... The xmas tree is pretty and yea we pose with it:

The Lovely Couple

Weiwen sis , 21 years old cousin and me.

While waiting for our delectable food~ we played poker (chor dai D). Damn i got bad hand! i kept got the wacky cards...which doesn't include any Dai D!! While waiting for food :

3 Families and PoPo celebrate with my cousin. Too bad my grandpa can't join us..Get well soon pls!

My cousin say even if my aunty take photo with us, she still look like one of us. haha youth youth youth~

FOOD ARRIVED!! The cuisine there is actually not bad after all. Well if i ever remember the restaurant name i will write here. Er the restaurant is just opposite Kepong Jusco and beside of Standard Chartered Bank, i think . Yea !

This is awesome. Sweet Steak!

I ordered lamb chop since is been awhile i eaten this. Is okay.

Carbonara ! Is not bad but not as good as the carbonara at D'Fortune! Craze.

This greenish spaghetti is ~ well taste like mint and not most ppl would love this.

After eating sumptuous dinner, is time to blow the cake!! Yeee-ha ( My dad excuse earlier cause he got appointment, too bad):

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You!~ "(sang in mandarin, cantonese and english)

Shamond Bday Gal and Grandma! Posing with cake.

Everyone of us~ but not me.

Oh I AM THERE! haha with ghost face.

Last ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH MUN! XD hehe okei Xue Min! Wish u got a lovely 21st bday. You got lots of necklace ya? Rumor say that when you turn 21 you have to get "Golden Key" as a symbol of freedom but my grandma say

" NO PPL SO KOLOT 1 la!!"

"......." i speechless. damn i am kolot!

OKei last last! Happy bday! wish you happy always and get what you want in your life. Muax.

Saturday, December 1, 2007




This sem i am learning about typography. I not really a big fan of Typo but is quite interesting to learn about the theory and practical about Typo. Is human eyes or brain tat stupid or what? Cause most of the adv, newspaper, mags and etc use typo to guide us, human eyes to read. HAHA Yea bitch ur eyes are dumb!

Anyway 1st assign is take photo of some objects that resemble an alphabet. Of cause i can't get it all so i use my last resort XD haha pose the object or crop it to look like a alphabet! ( la la la ) Well on submission day all pupils' work got rejected. Yea i mean all of us. haha Chemat ( those who don't know who is Chemat, he is our very strict photography lec) number 2 T_T I got rejected cause we are not suppose to use color background and lowercase letter ( small letter) . = ="

Printing cost around RM20. Sigh. Need more MONEY to experiment with art. keke ! ART rules. Here is my 1st assignment(rejected) ( dont want to keep it in the dark so post on BLOG!) :