Sunday, December 23, 2007


No-Title. Rojak maybe.

damn damn. I left my camera's sd card at my Cyberjaya house! So, i can't blog about Ying's bday which on 16th of Dec. Happy Birthday Girl =) Wish you happy always ^^ Be strong!

Anyway, lots of things going around ..~ Had a bday surprise party,a bad day, a xmas party, went to a mamak that server very nice cheese naan ( i forgot the name ) and etc. End up : Out of Cash. - -

Oh ya bloody assignments are over now! Just left my dm's final assignment which need to make a min 3min30sec of motion graphic! It should be typography oriented and minimal graphics element. I still choosing the song for this project. @@ well well~~~~~~ this project is interesting and exciting but god dammit i don't know anything about the software part. Haleluya.

And and love is a funny thing. Seriously it is. The thing is i don't even know what that is. Do you really know what love is? All i know is it doesn't come easily, when you missed it, you will lost it forever. But if you fallen too deep you are in deep shit. =) HA HA HA .

Human can't bear loneliness. They can't stand to be alone. Consequences? Lots of stupidity decisions are make. Yea i'm included. Duh i am human too.

"Stop looking at my Va-jay-jay" HAHA this quote just came out of my head. Is by Doctor Bailey~~ XD I am Grey's Anatomy addict! wuala~

Here merry xmas to all~~~~ dedicate this song to all the bitches out there :

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