Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sayonara 2007

Bye Bye 7 Welcome 8!

My extraordinary 7 finally over! Okay is not over yet but soon , VERY SOON. What had i done in this year? izit well spent?

Don't look back at the past now. ( i can't remember anything XD )

Let's talk about the future. Talk about future, there is this guy call John Titor. He claimed he is time traveller from 2035 year. Holyshit. I know is hard to believe, i don't really believe either but i don't deny there is some truth behind it. ^^ contradiction! yeahhhh baby~~ That is why my brain so messed up. Ha Ha. Anyway we will know is he is the real thing next year. YEAAA cause he said there will be no Olympic game after year 2004. Everybody know that 2008 Olympic gonna held at China, so if he is real thn 2008 Olympic game will be cancel. We will see.

Back to my talk about future! My resolution for 2008!!!!!

1. Live Life to the fullest again.
2. Get good cgpa. ( doink~ i am student~ mou bin la)
3. Earn some money.
4. Travel to different places (JAPAN!! Save money = 3=)
5. Change.
6. Share good things with friends around the world! ( lmao )

I wan to have fun and yet not forget about my responsibility as a student. ^^" My dreams haunt me at night! oh ya

7. Dream can come true.

I wan my dream to come true. Yesh. Watching it slipping further away from my grip really torture me. What is my dream? secret.

Okei 2007 is a great year for me i think. I lost and gain something at the same time. I learn more and more every year. This year i learned some lesson in some hard ways. *winks* There were tears and joys, sweet and sour blah blah. I realised my limitation. ( which is sad )


Nothing can stop me. I can do better. I would love to change. =) 2008 COME COME ~ "NO SCARE BEFORE" (mei keng guo) kakaka~ Translate : Bring it on. =3

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