Tuesday, December 25, 2007

jolly merry xmas to me

Santa you're Mean!

Merry xmas to all! Christmas suppose to be the most happy festive season don't you think? But Santa pissed me off. Again and again he forgot to give me present. . .Yeaaaaaaa bastard.

Anyway! Went dinner with my mom at the new cafe at Menjalara - One station. Is not new but is new outlet there. Thx mom for the dinner. ^^

The food there is normal. . . not really that nice thou. Supposed to have chocolate cake but no stock instead we get icecream. = 3= Gark! Later on my mom want me to accompany her watch movie.... SOOOOOOO as a good girl...yeah hear me right GUD GAL haha i accompanied my mom watched 4 stephen chow movie continuously. ^^ Wicked insane. Is funny. . . =) gai loh yao aaaa!!!

Here is my Sohai Sunglasses pose with me again ho ho ho :


I am very very seriously lazy to socialize ... am i in some kind of illness? ^^ But i met some hunters online! Damn cool lo! nex time can gather and play lan together... but too bad my monster hunter version different... shld i chg to MHP2 ? = 3=

GODDD i miss gaming!!

Sometimes i wish i can be like a boy ! = = rawr. Okay girl is fine =3

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