Sunday, June 17, 2007

= =

fukin last day of holiday!!!! suppose to go sing k and movies...but but due to some unexpected thingy~ it had been canceled! T_T DAMEEE DESU! so anyway i slept at err 8am or 9am thn woke up at 4pm thn figure out nothing to do thn i slp back! thn woke at 5 something!! LOL

Guess wha the first thing i did? NO not getting out from bed. NO not brush teeth.NONO not slp back! tada~~ the answer is open pc! HAHAHAAA i am officially internet addicted~ interaddict
= = "
everyday online almost AT LEAST 10 hrs HAHA i'm going to die in front of my laptop one day! =D

ANYWAY lucky jian yi msg me ... haha we both almost die in the hand of boredoom ! so decided to go watch movie!

lazy to blog out all so i skip to the part whn we reach 1u. well SO Freakin many ppl~! so cb many! GENG! no nid slp 1?? so we bought fantastic 4 tickets....( we skip ghost tunnel,to sir with love ) well the movie is not bad . tatz all i can say.

End of the movie....jian yi found out tat the car ticket GONE! AHAHaha great!

WAT HAPPENED NEXT?? ask me in msn if u interested to know coz i lazy to write out now...


OOMG WAIT! forgot to write out a very important thing! wan to remember it! WELL i heard UVERworld songs played in 1u !! YAY! xD so nice! the two songs are Just Melody and CHance!
at the skating there! is so nice! love UVERworld desu! suki! <3

Friday, June 15, 2007

holiday end soon

can u see my shitty face above? yeshhh life is shitty now...FEEL THE SHIT!!!!!

when this week over, it ends tonight~ my holidays will end~ soon!!!!!

holyshit !

saw my gred today ...hmm not bad! last sem my gpa is 3.47! but cgpa is 3.18 only coz i did poorly on 2nd last sem. well i get B+ for my english,B- for my computer graphic (damn), B+ for my design fundamental, A for my media culture ( i'm a cultural person aint i? XD) and last MATH i got A-! hahahaa

After checkin out the final result , i registered for my BEta degree year courses~ took japanese as my foreign language studies =D baka baka! well my timetable for this sem , only got 1 word ---- " shitty"
Monday is so damn fully utilize the time! i mean 9am to pm = = straight man.... wtf i ald hate monday now make it worst! wootz anyway out of the PINK( i don wan say out of blue ) i got the juju mood to make myself a timetable for my new sem.... AHAHA i never did any timetable since i in MMU ... so is the FIRST!

well the theme for this timetable is errr RANDOM !! HAHAA coz tat time i was in neko n rabbito mood! so here is my ti
metable :

see the rabbito ... haha err look at the monday YES THE MONDAY!! PACK! NO SPACE TO DRAW RABBITO!
if u get a closer look thn u will fully understand the sketches of the rabbito doin wat...XD illustrate wat i will do on the time time =X HEY i know it look sux~ but i liking it LOL la la la la

P.s my photoshop not working and i don hav a nice camera so my pic will be sucky as alwiz~ XD enjoy

PP.s my diet spoiled keep eating...darn....DARN! i nid to feel confidence again = =

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

= .+

so sick!

i'm a sicko!

i think my life is upside down now.... slp at morning and noon, wake at night and midnight n morning = = will i die young? LOL

listening music now.. muse - super massive black hole! BLACK HOLE!! YESSS suck me in!
the night is so peaceful and queer .

Wait black hole! last time i very like black hole coz it is so weird and new ! nobody know watz inside... why don't put a camera thn let it suck in? haha it suck light too...geng rite? haha
i wanted to b an astronomy or astronoid ( how to spell it = =) i love galaxy! so breath-takingly beautiful! literally make me stop breath whn i saw the pic of the galaxies thing =D


coz i'm leaving on a jetplane~ i don't know whn i'll be back again~ ( so coincidence this song came out )

do u believe in FATE?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

my diet

diet 1 day

45 > 44!!!!

thn today break!

ate zhong zhi,cake and sausages = =


Saturday, June 9, 2007

kee siao


wearing my lolita skirt now in my house! so syok!
RM69.90 ..this bloody skirt cost.. must fully use of it

damn i got nothing to do fin grey's anatomy season 3 nice this show
got tears,laughters and seriously? seriously.

haha =_=

pathetic ler.. but i like it!

currently my mood is so damn gud man. . . eventhough lots of sucky things happened haha
but who give a damn.. << make u feel better !

if i can draw here or doodles more gud! make blog more fun and expressive aint? HAHA

new month

cb cheque hvnt bank in

will it expired - -

haaaih so boring!!!

now hav to help aunty do assignment...kao meng!!

now i on a plan! hehe cant wait for the result!

OH YA talk abt result! i just know my final sem final exam result! all pass....YESHHH DIM

Friday, June 1, 2007

life is short

u don't know when you are gonna be in tomorrow

alive or dead? who knows? nobody know nobody can predict!

mom just told me that (in car) if she goin to die whn she 65 then she will only going to live for another 10 to 15 years .... mayb she said that cause recent i got a uncle pass away whn he was 63 like tat... and my mom say mayb she will die at that age, thn she havnt do lot of things yet...wasted. those car n house loan ...~ haaih i dono how to respond to her dejavu thingy = =

"How you know u going to die so soon?"
"what do u expect? ppl die young now.."
"life is short"

blllaahhhhh makes me wonder myself.. did i out live my bloody mess up life? will die with no regret.. sad case the answer is no and no!!! i lived a fuk up life...


gonna do some EXTRAordinary thing~ to make it memorable..

- when you remember back the past, most of the thing u remember is the silly and "break rules" thing u did -

= = " f i dono wat i crappin~anyways guys! life is so *** short! so
stop hesitate! stop wonder! BE BRAVE! BE DIFFERENT! no regret! live like no tomolo

death = fearless if all the above criteria met