Friday, February 29, 2008

this is how we study~

This is how we rock~

This sem is bloody tiring...6 subjects and countless of assignments! High school life is indeed the best cause you don't have to do anything =D haha

To wake up early morning is torturing...... when you sleep at 3am or 4am.

Rise and Shine.... ikuzo~

When we reach lecture hall, we pick the nicest spot and wait for the lecturers (mostly the lecturers wait for us) and THEN SLEEP! :

This is gosu style of sleeping.

The normal pose~

The brave one~

High shoulder up!

Miracle thing is...when the class finish we all feel pretty damn refresh = = kekeee and i seriously need a new hair cut..!! ash green baby~


Did some SNL spoof of The OC dear sister spoof of spoof....on a Saturday night.

= =

will try to upload soon

stay tuned!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Not enough

Lately i am getting forgetful. I can't remember where i put my stuff, i forgot about my assignments and etc. Even my laptop don't have enough virtual memory - -"

I wish i am smarter ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Kena Rasuk

Remember the time( last year) when exorcism is damn popular cause of the movies Exorcism 3 (forgot the name) and Exorcism of Emiry Rose. I think i hvnt watch those both movies yet instead i re-watch the 1st episode of Exorcism franchise. - - " lame. Later on, cause of curiosity i search some real life exorcism or possessed videos on the net. Then i found this damn freaky video lo! and is real ? i don't know. I just know i off it before it reach 20 seconds. =D


And now! Just now i went to meeting... Suddenly me and my group member talked about these stuff again and Liyana said got one more video about the gal 1... and she showed us :

LMAO! STILL GOT TIME TO SING ! hahaaaa - - i know the song... CLAP to the ppl (?) who did this hahahaaa ... made my days

CHEESE! smile!

laugh more!

Vitas vs Vitas!

You guys know who Vitas is? He is a Russian pop singer or classical opera singer... YEAA! HIGH HIGH BABY~ There this song which he sang...damn high pitch! Boy can sing like that.... awesome. He look quite decent too. hahahaaa XD

Those who don't know him, watch this first :


Apparently a Taiwanese guy can HIGH like Vitas !! HAHA his expression when singing the high pitch part is funny =D


Sunday, February 17, 2008



Remember the previous post which i wrote about " SILENCE! I KILL YOU! " ? This is why I KILL YOU is so popular among youngster now. I like to say it too is fun coz part of it is influnce from Bender from Futurama too.

I am fan of Bender. BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS! Enjoy


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sweeney todd parody

I feel you i kill you~

Got back to Cyber on Monday night after celebrated dad 52nd Birthday~ and guess what? Khai Ming and William decided to sing Sweeney Todd musical and i went haywire and joined them. - -
We SANG for 20min and 4 or 5 songs i remembered... Poor Myra, Roy and JianWei had to listen to our marvelous voice echo throughout the house ! HAHAAAA

IF you want to experience the non-experience PLEASE watch this video below :

The song is Johanna number 2.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY Madness

Today my GongGong give us angpao while sitting on the chair! (normally he just lay down on bed cause of his injured leg >.< cant even eat or go poo with his own) Everyone is very looking forward to receive Granpa's angpao but he is in some bad mood ... - - still we get all the angpao peacefully and happily lol. and BUT! (a lot of but) when Matthew (baby) came..he straight away said:" ANG GUUU" ! Me and my cousins complained that grandpa was 偏心!! not fair! haha okei nvm let the baby win! Lets take some photos:

My cousin and her family

Kissu for my dearly granpa!

Later on we went 1u watched Rambo 4. izit 4? or just rambo? haha don't know. Anyway the movie is not bad actually, cause of the " PLAAAKKK" "DUUSSSHHH" "AAQWOAAa" blood and gore scene. No i don like war. haha

Then i shop alone around 1u and bought some stuffs, i will post abt it later XD hehe happy stuffs! And we had tea time at 1920, nice place to dine good food ^^

Bianca pizza and spaghetti..forgot the name.. something to do with P and F.

Night time! Went for another reunion dinner at Menjalara, the food there is normal = = But had fun cause we all like shouting YAM SENGGGG from one table to another table ( 3 tables only ) like those wedding dinner LOL. My uncles and aunties are all so fun to play with kekekee love thm. We headed back to grandma house again after the dinner.

Since government banned us from playing with fireworks, as a good citizen we used party poppers instead. LMAO. Seriously, fireworks is way nicer and prettier at the dark street - - Party poppers are not that bad thou.. at least there were nice mixture colors of papers XD

Ready to pop?

满地黄金! ( the ground is full of gold ) LOL

And we got bored with the poppers, we went anti-gravity! We human do can fly too when in still pictures. Frozen in time. =)


What with the stick?

Nice posture!

En can fly too.

Oi u senget !

Rockstar was here!

I got time to pose V! HAHA

Even my lovely aunty, ops is JIE JIE can do it! Bravo :

Aww all my cousins are getting bigger and taller ( taller thn me - - not) :

Most of them going back to Johor tomorrow early morning. Wish them have a safe trip back! 一路顺风! and 新年快乐!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy 08

Rat Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

As for my new year.. it didn't really start out quite well cause some family matters and stuffs... but i get over it.

Is quite fun to spend cny at KL and spend time with my relatives. XD Even the cars here are less! Bet all of the ppl went back to their hometown.

Anyway played some cards game ( chinese's tradition to 'pok sat') and i won like RM120+.

Lucky year !

Planning how am i gonna spend all the cash . . What else better to do than shopping ? XD HAHAAAAAA

Gong Hei Fatt Choi to all!

Sunday, February 3, 2008



Deep down everyone wants to believe they can be hardcore, but being hardcore doesn't mean just being tough...

Is about acceptance.

Sometimes you have to give yourself permission not being hardcore for once. You don't have to be tough every minute and every day, is okay to let down your guard.

-Meredith Grey

I never really very good at anything, i wish i know what my best asset is. Everything i know is just not the best. What i really very good at? Can anyone tell me? Lazy u say... yea i am lazy but not totally lazy. I am just too safe, too middle, too neutral which is suck.

I want to be hardcore. I want to be great or excellent at something. Something i can be proud of, to prove to them, i can be hardcore too. Wait, i am hardcore.

I doubted myself which i never should to.

I can be better. can i ?


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Monster hunter portable 2nd G

New Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G video

Wow saw the big stingray look-a-like monster that flying in the sky? I WAN TO KILL IT! xD i go get my armor 1st - -

And this promotional thingy at Japan...Those gamer damn funny - -LOL :

i can play better than them lo..~~ (la la la laaa~~ ) =)

Monster Hunter Again!

Monster Hunter Time

Yoo! How sad Cyberjaya house line keep dc and can't connect to the internet which mean i can't Kai!! >.<" Awww so i went solo and try to use bow~ Bow is fun but slow. Sword more fun...XD SLAAASH!
Go back bully Yian Kut-Ku. =) with 觅心弓II .

Actually i got a better bow, 霸弓 which made from 霸龙:

This is Ba Long. English name i remember is start with an A. Huge dragon. Killed it when Kai with pro hunters.

This is the 霸弓aka best bow! too bad my 霸装 hvnt got yet. Working on it =D

Let's test the power of so-called leng bow. I went to kill water chicken which i hate the most - - Hide in water laaaaaaa babi~ kill u! :

Shoot shoot shoot - - finally it died! Cleared. The bow is not bad =D

Oh yea i get to play one round of hunting when i at Cyberjaya before the line went nuts. - - Later on the line just went completely dead. All i wanted to say is Telekom .... PLSSSS DON'T BE SO )#!&$)!&@$)!@&$)!! okei.

Group photo~ Going to hunt Lao Shan Xie..Biggu Big Crab.

GARRK my head!轰龙~ friend helped me 刷轰龙~XD

I got new set of armor already, Tigrex armor ! My money only left like 4k.... - - Need to go kill monster to earn money. Kinda sleepy now...i think i will play later! hehe aaww can't go to gathering again...T_T sad sad .

Friday, February 1, 2008



Just now . . i fell down. My mom mopped the floor and i was dancing around and TA DA~ Good news everyone, i fell! Pain hand and my butt. - -" Kao Meng. My stomach already pain due to my every month visitor, gawt.

and i am fat and normal. = = shit.

Sweeney Todd

Finally I watched Sweeney Todd

Good news everyone! ( rip off from Futurama ) The title has spoke for itself! Yay i finally watched Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber From Fleet Street. Me, Myra and Keat was rushing to Pyramid. 930pm show and we reached there at 920pm~ I thought we made it...but we missed out 5min of the show. = 3= Gawt.

This movie is awesome for a musical movie. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp combination is just so-oh-attractive. Nowonder the cinema is full, rare for a musical movie ya. HAHA Like and love the music, is very interesting indeed unlike Phantom Of the Opera... I remembered i watched POtO few years back and is pretty boring. @@ hehe i still prefer weird stuff.

Surprisingly, Johnny Depp and Halena Bonham Carter can sing well for the movie. Wonder they got get professional vocal training anot? Most probably they had . keke. Good Effort and thumbs up for both of them and all the casts.

Khai Ming said is bad because not demonic and gore enough. >.< But still under 18 kenot watch this show cause of bloody scene which Malaysia censorship board did what they do best - they censored it. Duh. Come on. Is fake blood hehe. Oh yea the song is repeatative especially the song Johanna but i think it still appropriate la cause suit the mood what they both missing Johanna so they sing the song lo. HAHA

FYI, Sweeney Todd movie is adapt from the famous broadway Sweeney Todd. And i found this when i searching for Sweeney Todd image. hehe cute ha?

I ** Sweeney Todd Soundtrack and now indulge myself with the music. My favourite tracks are Worst Pies In London, My Friends, Pirelli's Miracle Elixir, Green Finch and Linnet Birds, Johanna(doink) and By The Sea. Spin it.

The ending of the movie is unexpected and sad. Oh well. Bite my shiny metal ass. (end with futurama rip~)