Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Kena Rasuk

Remember the time( last year) when exorcism is damn popular cause of the movies Exorcism 3 (forgot the name) and Exorcism of Emiry Rose. I think i hvnt watch those both movies yet instead i re-watch the 1st episode of Exorcism franchise. - - " lame. Later on, cause of curiosity i search some real life exorcism or possessed videos on the net. Then i found this damn freaky video lo! and is real ? i don't know. I just know i off it before it reach 20 seconds. =D


And now! Just now i went to meeting... Suddenly me and my group member talked about these stuff again and Liyana said got one more video about the gal 1... and she showed us :

LMAO! STILL GOT TIME TO SING ! hahaaaa - - i know the song... CLAP to the ppl (?) who did this hahahaaa ... made my days

CHEESE! smile!

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