Monday, September 29, 2008

lil life.

Guess whats that? I am not so sure either. Just now while i sweeping my living room, ( ya i sweep) i saw these 2 white round things beside the altar. First i thought was some spongy white thing but actually not! IT IS EGGS! 

I asked my cousin HaoYi aka Xavier what were those tiny eggs? He answered me back :" Er maybe those are Guan Ying's Egg ( 观音蛋 aka 观音诞 ) = = "

ahem. definitely not! Dad said those were lizard eggs! haha Thn i told my dad to give some casing to keep them coz i planed to give this lil surprise to YingYing! WAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA. 

Since i can't kill it. I dont bare to kill it eventhough i hate lizard but those are lil lives. So after the rain i shall put it outside on some soil or grass. 

See, i am a good person. XD

but why good person always get diarrhea? i've been on and off in toilet for 3 days. GOOD PERSON DIE YOUNG?? i shall be evil. take over the world with my insufficient power~ rawr

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Silent Jealousy

Is 9am and i am still awake. 

Can't sleep. Is this the side effect of last-min-rush-no-slp-days? I think so. Well i was reading comic since 3am till now. 6 hours plus of staring at the pc, waiting the comic to be load. The comic is about medical, doctor, hospital, scandal and etc. Is more intense compare to Grey's Anatomy and ya okay i think i need therapy.  = =

Babi! I am suppose to be sleeping on my bed now like a pig. YA a pig. Instead i transforming into a otaku! well is not that bad. At least i learn some new medical terms.... as if i gonna use it in the future. I MIGHT!


The point of this post is the feeling i having now.

Silent Jealousy. 
Jealousy, a feeling that so strong that make my chest fill with acid. 
Penetrate every single layers and form a hole. 
A hole that can never be seal.
A hole that can only be satisfy by the taste of the red ruby,
the source of all this. 

My silent jealousy.

I don't. feel threaten. I just feel uncomfortable, how can people deserve that more than me? Am i not good for it? 

Where is my dignity?

I hate this silent jealousy.


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Good news everyone! One of my fav horror/thriller movie coming out in cinema! The bad news is the movie is in english version (remake). 
Hollywood decided to reshoot the movie again with better quality? Why they love to remake other's country horror movie? etc juon...dark water... shattered and more. Are they out of original idea in making a horror film?  Hope they don't screw up this movie - REC (original spanish ver).

They renamed the movie to QUARANTINE (In Theaters October 10th) . By the look from the trailer. . . . hmmmmmmmmm.

Here are the trailers of REC and QUARANTINE:



Go bring ur galfren along to watch this movie. 
Trust me ,is fun. espeacially the ending part. XD spoiler


oH yea i got one nice thing to share with the world! social work haha okei i admit i think is hassle to do social work. For my moral project (group work) i got no choice but to do it. yea i am a bad person but i dont have good qualities to start with anywy. 

The point is after this social work, i do feel abit weird. Weird as in good weird feelings. Somehow is very inspiring, touching and worth it. I have no regret doing this :

The orphanage house that we choosed :

Shelter for the children.

Went there  at around 2pm but found out the kids only be around when 3pm. So we waste no time and go makan. haha Since the place is in cheras which we all not very familiar with, we had to use our super sniffing power to snif out foods. And we found bak kut teh! wahahaaa.

Back to the house at 3pm and i was positioned to do some cleaning work in the kitchen area. After 1 hr of chores , time to face the KIDS! my worst nightmare man. grr. Lucky my groupmates Eunice, Jian Wei, Khai Ming and Myra can mixed well with them.  Me and Yvonne just Ha Ha Ha.

Organising some game for them but failed.
Dealing with kids is hard for me. - - scary.

Mischievous lil kiddo. Even got time 
to post.

"Kao Meng aaaaahh!"

After 2 and a half hours, we did our best to do what we can for them. Eventhough the kids were super hyper and naughty but hey thats what all kids were. ( i am a good kid by the way) FMI many funny incidents happened haha. Kids are very entertaning sometime. ONLY SOMETIME.
& i found out that beside the naughty and funny part, i can still sensed the feeling of loneliness in their eyes.  I really hope they do good in their future and have a happy life cause deep down i know they all are very lovely ( keep convincing myself that all kids in the world are all so lovely)

Group photo with the kids!

is indeed a very nice experience for me. After the visit, i kinda miss the kids...well some of them. MUST BE GOOD!  


More info abt the shelter SunBeams Home .
Check out the website ya!

Bless all of them! ^^ Have my feeling for kids change? I shall keep the answer to myself. keke

Front Line

All finals submissions are down! I am a free man now. 


i screwed my major's final assignmnet. After finished my last presentation i feel nothing or anything i just felt tired. HaHa. Good news is i can stop whining about assignments for a period of time. Good for me. 

Guess i just fall out from the line. Pray all of the DMians (demons?) get to the next stage! see ya all in 2nd sem. 

Idk how to upload my DM final assign ( nothing bomba anyway) coz of the video linking thingy so ..
Last but not least, here is my visual programming group assign. bug co-op with cheese:

Is a gay game, haha !

byebye assign~ say aloha to holidays!! oh wait shit i still got final exam. buki.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The time i wish i am a boy.

Yesterday while rushing for my VG montage teaser of  a movie & the movie i choosed was HELLBOY . . i had a super-fucking-pain-in-the-stomach-oh-hell-ass-PMS PAIN. & i had to go through and endure the pain to finish my animation but i was down after 1 hr of fighting with it. 

Why only women have this kind of treatment? ( Aha i am women ) Why not men? Izit because is suppose to be like some sort of training for women before they go for pregnancy labour? Thinking about it make me want to go to Thailand and have a sex change. God damn.

Anyway, luckily i finished my work haha. 2 final assigns are down and 3 more to go! OH YEAH wednesday is holiday thx to 916. =) Msia do need some changes ey. i need to change for better! Oh well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just now i went downstair to take my towel. Thn in the living room i heard a gal's voice

" DiiiUuuu SO BADLUCK MEH " 

Then i tried to be brave and brace myself go to the laundry room and take my towel. When i went out to the living room again the BLOODY VOICE GOT LOUDER! I am too scared so i ran upstair seek for help. 

I slamed the door opened and my mom literally jump out from the bed, okay she just turned around and scolded me first. " ARE YOU CRAZY? I TRYING TO SLP HERE!" The terrified me told her abt the incident, at the same time i found out that my sis was not in the room. 


- - i feel that my life got shorten for 10 years. Thx. Well, look at the bright side, lucky i dint fell down while running like speedo up the stair. 

Psst: 2mins ago, Adam told me his DM assignment dah siap and already burned in the cd. I got traumatized again when i found out that he tipu me. . ( - -)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lick. Suck. Kiss.

Wohooho... Yesterday was my hsemate the BluRoy bday! Happy 20th birthday brother . .! Anyway my hsemates gave him lots of surprise which included water with ice cream, candles & homemade cake ( by his coursemates ) and SPIN-A-Bottle. 

Oh dear. We are all daring person cause most of us take dare instead of truth ( Khaiming:" we are not interested to hear abt your privacy life~"). True.  Anyway haha KM got to suck Roy's nipples . . with the help of 50cent coin. LMAO. Amy kissed Yvonne. A guy kissed another guy. Lily licked KM's nose and Amy's neck. & a gal took Keat's clothes off & somebody's breast got hugged.

Well i get to grab Charuk's ass for 5 times....Nice ass charuk! ( Charuk : Thx. )


One of the most anticipated game is now release! SPORE. 

If you are the person who like to see tiny little cell evolve to a civilization~ this is the game for you! Create your own species, conquer others, build your own nation and see your own world grow to infinity and beyond!!!! 

Spore is a multi-genre "massively single-player online game"[5][6] by Maxis and designed byWill Wright. It allows a player to control the evolution of a species from its beginnings as aunicellular organism, through development as an intelligent and social creature, to interstellar exploration as a spacefaring culture. It has drawn wide attention for its massive scope, and its use of open-ended gameplay and procedural generation. (quote fr wiki)
And my 2 lovely hsemates are now playing the game now . . these are what they create :

Fierce and tough looking eh~

Even got own tribe and cilivilization already!! ( only played for 2 hrs ey !!)

Gotta be JianWei :" KILL the other tribes!"

And here are William's: 

Isn't that cute.... hmm.

Still living in nest? haha cute. 

William-zai.. you are so cute.. 
William: "They are so cute..."

OH damn. i really tempted to install this game now...I SHALL TEST IT! Let's explore your creativity in Spore! play it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

In this world, the fittest survive.  Am i good enough? Am i prepare? 

I am not sure. How to make good out of nothing with my bare hands?  Too many questions, but no answers are available. 

now my life is more like study and the city.  if you know what i mean.  =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh my

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow....

give me lighter instead of candles.