Monday, September 29, 2008

lil life.

Guess whats that? I am not so sure either. Just now while i sweeping my living room, ( ya i sweep) i saw these 2 white round things beside the altar. First i thought was some spongy white thing but actually not! IT IS EGGS! 

I asked my cousin HaoYi aka Xavier what were those tiny eggs? He answered me back :" Er maybe those are Guan Ying's Egg ( 观音蛋 aka 观音诞 ) = = "

ahem. definitely not! Dad said those were lizard eggs! haha Thn i told my dad to give some casing to keep them coz i planed to give this lil surprise to YingYing! WAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA. 

Since i can't kill it. I dont bare to kill it eventhough i hate lizard but those are lil lives. So after the rain i shall put it outside on some soil or grass. 

See, i am a good person. XD

but why good person always get diarrhea? i've been on and off in toilet for 3 days. GOOD PERSON DIE YOUNG?? i shall be evil. take over the world with my insufficient power~ rawr

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mayling said...

y dont u bela the egg till it come out a baby and take care of it haha