Saturday, September 27, 2008

Silent Jealousy

Is 9am and i am still awake. 

Can't sleep. Is this the side effect of last-min-rush-no-slp-days? I think so. Well i was reading comic since 3am till now. 6 hours plus of staring at the pc, waiting the comic to be load. The comic is about medical, doctor, hospital, scandal and etc. Is more intense compare to Grey's Anatomy and ya okay i think i need therapy.  = =

Babi! I am suppose to be sleeping on my bed now like a pig. YA a pig. Instead i transforming into a otaku! well is not that bad. At least i learn some new medical terms.... as if i gonna use it in the future. I MIGHT!


The point of this post is the feeling i having now.

Silent Jealousy. 
Jealousy, a feeling that so strong that make my chest fill with acid. 
Penetrate every single layers and form a hole. 
A hole that can never be seal.
A hole that can only be satisfy by the taste of the red ruby,
the source of all this. 

My silent jealousy.

I don't. feel threaten. I just feel uncomfortable, how can people deserve that more than me? Am i not good for it? 

Where is my dignity?

I hate this silent jealousy.