Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lick. Suck. Kiss.

Wohooho... Yesterday was my hsemate the BluRoy bday! Happy 20th birthday brother . .! Anyway my hsemates gave him lots of surprise which included water with ice cream, candles & homemade cake ( by his coursemates ) and SPIN-A-Bottle. 

Oh dear. We are all daring person cause most of us take dare instead of truth ( Khaiming:" we are not interested to hear abt your privacy life~"). True.  Anyway haha KM got to suck Roy's nipples . . with the help of 50cent coin. LMAO. Amy kissed Yvonne. A guy kissed another guy. Lily licked KM's nose and Amy's neck. & a gal took Keat's clothes off & somebody's breast got hugged.

Well i get to grab Charuk's ass for 5 times....Nice ass charuk! ( Charuk : Thx. )