Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The time i wish i am a boy.

Yesterday while rushing for my VG montage teaser of  a movie & the movie i choosed was HELLBOY . . i had a super-fucking-pain-in-the-stomach-oh-hell-ass-PMS PAIN. & i had to go through and endure the pain to finish my animation but i was down after 1 hr of fighting with it. 

Why only women have this kind of treatment? ( Aha i am women ) Why not men? Izit because is suppose to be like some sort of training for women before they go for pregnancy labour? Thinking about it make me want to go to Thailand and have a sex change. God damn.

Anyway, luckily i finished my work haha. 2 final assigns are down and 3 more to go! OH YEAH wednesday is holiday thx to 916. =) Msia do need some changes ey. i need to change for better! Oh well.


安猪 said...

hello baba bug XD
been a long time since we last meet up! ROARR where have u been!? we miss u like hell T^T sobs

anyway, my "aunt" just visit me TOO, that makes me freaking boh syok, there goes legend kena torture by me gao gao.. huahuahuahua..
i started to love this damn period when there's always someone for me to cubit when i'm boh syok :P

BuG said...

YO angie! haha miss u guys too. I AM FREE NOW muahahaaaa lets hunt da bao yu XD

yeaaaa that was the 2nd time i felt so pain in my life. . got no one to cubit T_T poor legend hav to endure all this pain. btw good for u HEHE

we shld meet up whn we hav period and go cubit all the guys AHA