Thursday, September 25, 2008

Front Line

All finals submissions are down! I am a free man now. 


i screwed my major's final assignmnet. After finished my last presentation i feel nothing or anything i just felt tired. HaHa. Good news is i can stop whining about assignments for a period of time. Good for me. 

Guess i just fall out from the line. Pray all of the DMians (demons?) get to the next stage! see ya all in 2nd sem. 

Idk how to upload my DM final assign ( nothing bomba anyway) coz of the video linking thingy so ..
Last but not least, here is my visual programming group assign. bug co-op with cheese:

Is a gay game, haha !

byebye assign~ say aloha to holidays!! oh wait shit i still got final exam. buki.

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