Thursday, September 25, 2008


Good news everyone! One of my fav horror/thriller movie coming out in cinema! The bad news is the movie is in english version (remake). 
Hollywood decided to reshoot the movie again with better quality? Why they love to remake other's country horror movie? etc juon...dark water... shattered and more. Are they out of original idea in making a horror film?  Hope they don't screw up this movie - REC (original spanish ver).

They renamed the movie to QUARANTINE (In Theaters October 10th) . By the look from the trailer. . . . hmmmmmmmmm.

Here are the trailers of REC and QUARANTINE:



Go bring ur galfren along to watch this movie. 
Trust me ,is fun. espeacially the ending part. XD spoiler


Khairul Johari said...

oh i love this movie

BuG said...

the ending part the best hehe ARTT)#@&) AARGH! shout all the way

Dayana said...

oi. where's your grand opening la?

BuG said...

grand opening is right here XD

what what

mat tak top dah said...

chaq keep talking about grand opening thing.. whats dat? i dun understand?

chaq grand opening apa?!!

BuG said...

tats why

i pun tak tau. hantam saja

smallfish said...

i got no gf watch wif me T.T

BuG said...

bring ur boyfren ya =D