Thursday, September 25, 2008


oH yea i got one nice thing to share with the world! social work haha okei i admit i think is hassle to do social work. For my moral project (group work) i got no choice but to do it. yea i am a bad person but i dont have good qualities to start with anywy. 

The point is after this social work, i do feel abit weird. Weird as in good weird feelings. Somehow is very inspiring, touching and worth it. I have no regret doing this :

The orphanage house that we choosed :

Shelter for the children.

Went there  at around 2pm but found out the kids only be around when 3pm. So we waste no time and go makan. haha Since the place is in cheras which we all not very familiar with, we had to use our super sniffing power to snif out foods. And we found bak kut teh! wahahaaa.

Back to the house at 3pm and i was positioned to do some cleaning work in the kitchen area. After 1 hr of chores , time to face the KIDS! my worst nightmare man. grr. Lucky my groupmates Eunice, Jian Wei, Khai Ming and Myra can mixed well with them.  Me and Yvonne just Ha Ha Ha.

Organising some game for them but failed.
Dealing with kids is hard for me. - - scary.

Mischievous lil kiddo. Even got time 
to post.

"Kao Meng aaaaahh!"

After 2 and a half hours, we did our best to do what we can for them. Eventhough the kids were super hyper and naughty but hey thats what all kids were. ( i am a good kid by the way) FMI many funny incidents happened haha. Kids are very entertaning sometime. ONLY SOMETIME.
& i found out that beside the naughty and funny part, i can still sensed the feeling of loneliness in their eyes.  I really hope they do good in their future and have a happy life cause deep down i know they all are very lovely ( keep convincing myself that all kids in the world are all so lovely)

Group photo with the kids!

is indeed a very nice experience for me. After the visit, i kinda miss the kids...well some of them. MUST BE GOOD!  


More info abt the shelter SunBeams Home .
Check out the website ya!

Bless all of them! ^^ Have my feeling for kids change? I shall keep the answer to myself. keke


Khairul Johari said...

i love the picture that got jian wei and the upsidedown kid.

BuG said...

yea i like tat too XD