Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Khairul Johari,

Words cant describe how happy i am to receive this postcard from Scotland! Thank you so much! I'll keep it nicely in my "pocket" :)

Mom :" How did he do that? (the postcard) Right one time for your birthday!"
Me    :" He is a fucker."

A lovely fucker he is. Thank you! <3

Animal in Suit.

I always have a thing for animal in suit. I think they are utterly cute and attractive in it. Too bad they don't seem to like it much. So i draw them out:

A blunt pencil (later on got a sharper pencil) + webcam quality capture.

More to come~ I had fun drawing them!

Chungking Express + Passion Pit.

I made this. I cant help it. I love this movie so much :)

Passion Pit cover the song by The Cranberries - Dreams which cover by Faye Wong too (cantonese version) for Chungking Express.

Passion Pit got more electronic tones in it, so i thought Hey why not mix it up:

Hope the fans like it ~

Monday, June 28, 2010

Indulgence from Hell.

Craving for chocolate cake for some time now... I know the chocolate cake outside here can't satisfy me. I need a super sinful indulgence kind of chocolate cake. 

Decided to make one for myself! With a little help from Nigella's recipe! 

First, mix flour, sugar, sourcream, cocoa powder, baking powder and butter.
These gonna be the layers of the cake!

As for the frosting, melt semisweet chocolate, butter, sourcream and powder sugar~
I think i accidentally put too much sugar here. Ops.

First layer of the cake~Frost the middle part and put another layer~

With 2nd layer on!

Overflooding chocolate! Sin-ful.

The cake was awesome i think, crunchy on the outside soft on the inside. Add on with the spread of chocolate frosting, ultimate indulgence!

"You will go to hell if you eat this." Cheese said. 

My soul is calm now. NYUM!


I was talking about movies with my friend Aijew just now. He told me about lately he's been searching for growing up movies. You know those movies about the transformation and change of growing older from childhood to adulthood. They actually have a term for those kind of genre, Bildungsroman. Sounds very, very unrelated. Thanks Aijew for the enlightenment.

Anyway, he introduced the movie Risky Business (1983) and i recommended him Cinema Paradiso(1988). Everytime when i talk about Cinema Paradiso, it just gives me this chill and satisfaction. I love this movie so much, one of my all time favourite movie with my favourite movie character of all time - Alfredo by Philippe Noiret.

Alfredo and Toto. My fav scene from the movie!

I'm kinda google him up abit and found out that he had passed away on November 2006. Such a great lost to the film industry. He was indeed a very great actor. He appeared in Il Postino too! I love that movie.

Great thing about movie is, the story live on. Forever in my heart there will always be Alfredo! This post is dedicated for Philippe Noiret.

Alfredo and Toto theme song!

It still hurts. I guess.

Theres a reason why these tears rolling out nonstop at night.

Deep inside, part of me don't want to believe the truth. How could you just leave like that? How can you just be gone like this?

It hurts so much.

Fly me to the moon will ya?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello the world!

Hello world, are you ready for me? :)

Yay, i'm getting better now no more sick cat mode. Last week was disastrous to me, and i missed out a lot of good things. Now is time to redeem myself.

I just got online just now and my friend who are in Scotland now, Mr.KJ told me about email from Apicta! So i went and checked my email to see if i got any respond from them and ~ Yesh! I'm one of the finalist for the award! Congratz to myself. One thing i have to do now is to present again about my project in front of the panel of judges next Thursday, 1st of July.

Will this be my surprise birthday present? From who? Myself to myself.

Oh damn, the IPCC proposal deadline is on 1st of July too. Time to rush!

* Should i bake myself a chocolate cake? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Furqaan,

I just hope you can read this:

To be honest, i'm not sure if the last msg u sent to me is a goodbye msg or what but i know we will meet again right?

You said you hope that we're okay. Yes we are okay. Maybe we both just need some time to grow as a person. We will be better :)

Thank you so much for being there and caring me. I love you!


All the best in your future my dearly beloved, be brave and be strong.
Let's kick some ass!

Live.Laugh.Bora-Bora. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

the littlest thing.

I got owned by a tiny insect - mosquito.

I missed out my degree show and a opportunity to perform at the art gallery.

I can't believe Diplo (my fav dj) is coming to town.

I frustrated that you don't even bother to care about me.

Sick as a sick person. What should i do?
Am i missing out something? No more wasting my time on useless thing. Carpe Diem.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kill me?

My year so far not so good. My health is getting weaker and weaker. I just had a very high fever few days ago and some other illness before that. So sick of medicine, it makes me puke.

I just want to be me again.

I promise i will be loyal to fruits and veggies and be friend with exercise. Water will be part of my air to breath in.

God dammit get well soon!

"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Why werent you reachable when i needed you the most?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back to my Movie!

Friday i watched Youth in Revolt (till 5am in the morning), consequences were i got super tired on my weekend trip. Anyway that movie was, how to say: Youthful and dumb.

Spoiler: How can the boy, Nick gone so far (dumbass or do i not have any romantic sense) for that girl!? Well, he definitely got laid after that. I din't expect much cause i label this movie as a no-brainer movie which for me, humour, fun, playful kind of movie, you know for people to chill. Fun part maybe 50%, humour 40%, 10% awkward acting of Michael Cera. He trying to be a badass here but is not really working very well together with the formula of badass? I laughed when he tried to be funny and told the girl his name was Dillinger and thats the only funny part i can remember. In the end, it got me feeling a little:

"Darn i should do more vicious thing to make my youth worth! Anything i just gonna be in juvenile court..wait DAMN i am 22 this year."

Alright! Back to my Giuseppe's Baaria movie which i dint get to watch on Friday!  Should i buy Dim Sum and munch while watching this movie? snack + drink + company + movie = awesome time. For now minus the company, i definitely need a good snack to make it awesome. hehe.


p.s is 12am now and yesh we do have midnight dimsum here! Taste like awesome.

In my room.

I'm back from Johor! Exhausted. Drained from the trip but it was a nice trip, i met my relatives and cousins, ate some good foods..It was a nice, slow moving town i guess. My aunty gave me few books to read but i only managed to read one book - is about Christian the lion. Remember? From one of the current youtube sensation.

Surprisingly that documentary video existed since 1971..the 70s. Well from the look of the fashion in the video.. haha. Anyway i only got the read the first part of the book on how they met Christian but my aunty highly recommended this book. She even bought the eng and chinese version. Another book is about whats is like being in hell. hmm.

Now back in my room, alone. Wait not alone, with my laptop. Things-to-do list is adding up and none is cross out yet. Damn. Head is overloading, suddenly Kal msn me about a funny thing.

"Wanna see something funny? And you can do it too!"
"Like what?"
"Go to googlemap and you like to go japan right?"
"Is this gonna be long? I have to shit now!"
"....wth. okok"

10mins later:

"Alright so i google map what?"
"From Perth to Japan, it will teach you how to get to Japan from there :)"

Googlemapping and discovered:

Smart google calculated the route from Perth to Japan..apparently reach till a point where you have to 34. Kayak accross Pacific Ocean for 5,404km. HOW CAN PEOPLE DO THAT! hahaha smart ass.

But is okay, i will just find my way to China and :

Yea! Jet ski accross Pacific Ocean for another 782km then i will reach Japan! Well is better than kayaking for 5 thousand km.

*too bad google can't get the calculation for the route from Malaysia to Japan. I bet i'll have to rocket my way there :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Movies time!

I played enough of DOTA, i play better than your brother. Now is time for my movie spree.

.1 Youth in Revolt
.2 Baaria

FYI. I love love Giuseppe Tornatore movies!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Can i have your hand?

I got a part time job, accidentally. It was a favour for a friend of mine. The job is easy, pretend to be a patient, simulated patient for few hours and i'll get RM50. Why patient? No is not those doctor nurse patient game, is an actual exam for a bunch of freshly bake students from a medical college/uni. The future doctorsss have to greet us, the simulated patients , measure our radial pulse and blood pressure.

Sounds easy but haha most of them got it wrong! Well is their first year. I don't blame them but whn they asked:

"Can i have your hand?"
"Errr. (you want my hand?)"

"Thank you for your cooperation, hope to see you soon!"
"Errr. (i dont want to see a doctor soon?)"

Funny. hehe and most of their hands were shaky, guess they were nervous but better not shaky in the surgery room. Conclusion: RM50 for 830am to 130pm + non-slp day before that = ultra tired.

Money hard to earn. Should i sell my hand? :)

One more thing, why is the post I need a doc so many viewers? I bet everyone loves doc mart!


Someone just said he concluded that i am a Kryptonite.

.1 I'm more power than him
.2 He is superman
.3 Superman can't get near to kryptonite
.4 He hates me
.5 I'm his only weakness

whatever it is, i'm not a big fan of superman but i do know the song kryptonite!

Monday, June 7, 2010

One of my favourite commercial.

You know how sometimes commercial get on your nerve? Well not this one:

Nat Geo did it again! The previous ' I love the whole world' was fun and cute. This just touched my soul and made me smile!

If you are, you breath.
If you breath, you talk.
If you talk, you ask.
If you ask, you think.
If you think, you search.
If you search, you experience.
If you experience, you learn.
If you learn, you grow.
If you grow, you wish.
If you wish, you find.
If you find, you doubt.
If you doubt, you question.
If you question, you understand.
If you understand, you know.
If you know, you want to know more...
And if you want to know more, you are alive...

Live Curious.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Be a man.

I kind of not agree with that what my mom's perception of us. She said that we a failure in education but i don't think so. Maybe we work a little bit different from others, but we meant no harm. We are different.

At least i want to think that i am different.

My final final final like really final result is out. Is not a good sight, i mean the achievement table. I did not achieved what i wanted to achieve, first class. I came second. Which means, HELLO PTPTN. I feel sorry for myself. Now i gonna graduate with 50k debt with me. :) Take the responsibility like a man. Well not a big thing i guess but sorry for those who expected more out of me.

I'm happy. I really am because i did great all these years. Screw you number and rating.

Speak of the man. Do you know theres a term - Penis Envy? Haha i came across this term when i was watching The Seven Deadly Sins program at History channel (my Astro at home only have discovery channels etc and news channels). Anyway two days ago it was showing about Envy and they talked abt Penis Envy.

Is actually quite interesting.. In the Freud theory, they said when a girl reach to realisation that she does not have penis,and they jealous of men because they have penis is Penis Envy. Penis represent power at that time. Well that time yeshh, women was suppressed everywhere they go, especially in the working world. Imagine the time at 1900 to the 50's.  Read more abt it here.

BUT. Theres another feminist said that men have Womb/Vagina Envy too. They envious towards women because we have the power to give birth to a life, nurture and the motherhood. Women as the essential role is sustaining life of the people.  This which leads men to become more dominant and drives to succeed (in work/etc).

Are you experiencing penis envy/ womb envy now? Don't worry is just psychological, we don't inherent this kind of feeling since we were born. Hmm..well i do admit that when i was young, i tried to be a boy. I don't know why i just hate being a girl. I think boy had the most fun and sometimes i do wish that i have penis. That was when i'm still in primary school. Shit.

Lucky! No fairy granted me that wish, yet. I think being a women now in this time is the prime, for me. We are more macho than men sometimes. We can do whatever we want, almost. Yeahh...penis envy? Might not be happening in the near future.

The womb had evolved, harder faster better stronger. (*alien screeching) Let's celebrate vagina day!

This post is so random. Gonna label it as random.

Still afraid of what and what not? Be a man!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bon voyage KJ!

Everyone is flying away! Some went to Bandung, Indonesia. Some going to Hyderabad, India. And one fella is going to Scotland. Hello Mr.KJ! Have a safe trip to Scotland and back to Malaysia!

I had another printscreen of you looking like a monkey like real monkey, but this is me being nice..hehe
Let's grad together~

p.s. Amy is not missing you.
p.p.s. Jangan kena tembak there.

This is new too!

Hello sister. Happy 23rd birthday. Is a nice age i guess? :)

Wish you happy always, be strong and stop being stubborn abt your medical condition. You will be fine.

Love you. I made this video specially for you! Btw, aren't i the loveliest sister ever? No? Too bad you only got me.

Please take care of me, thank you. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is new..

Hello dearly beloved! Have a safe trip to Bandung and have a kick ass performance! Go sforzando! I wish i am there with you :)

Missing you already. Have a safe trip there and back here. Muah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I just watched Grey's Anatomy Season 6 finale. Btw i think this is the only series that hook me up for so long.. and WTFOMFGOMGWTFH!!! What with all the dramas ?! Caught me off guard, i was so afraid to continue watching the show at some point. Yeshh kinda felt like i was in the show.. so intense. Anyway i cried, jumped, laugh a little and cried. It was a fucking rollercoaster ride. Can't wait for new season.

After watching the show (5am in the morning), thank god i got all these nocturnal friend with me. Lighten up my mind a little with their stories and jokes..(from drama overload GE):

*only for my eyes(inside joke), i find this amusing because Charuk was this little angel...but hell no.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scott PIlgrim Vs. The World Movie!

Remember the first teaser trailer of this movie? I wasn't that excited but kinda skeptical about the fun part but after watching this 2nd awesome full length trailer from the movie! I can't wait till August 13th for the movie~

I think this gonna be a fun trip :) Are you as excited as me? At the meantime, do read this! Is funny and true in a way: Scott Pilgrim Guide to Life.

*the music in the trailer sounds familiar..any idea?