Monday, June 28, 2010


I was talking about movies with my friend Aijew just now. He told me about lately he's been searching for growing up movies. You know those movies about the transformation and change of growing older from childhood to adulthood. They actually have a term for those kind of genre, Bildungsroman. Sounds very, very unrelated. Thanks Aijew for the enlightenment.

Anyway, he introduced the movie Risky Business (1983) and i recommended him Cinema Paradiso(1988). Everytime when i talk about Cinema Paradiso, it just gives me this chill and satisfaction. I love this movie so much, one of my all time favourite movie with my favourite movie character of all time - Alfredo by Philippe Noiret.

Alfredo and Toto. My fav scene from the movie!

I'm kinda google him up abit and found out that he had passed away on November 2006. Such a great lost to the film industry. He was indeed a very great actor. He appeared in Il Postino too! I love that movie.

Great thing about movie is, the story live on. Forever in my heart there will always be Alfredo! This post is dedicated for Philippe Noiret.

Alfredo and Toto theme song!

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