Friday, June 11, 2010

Can i have your hand?

I got a part time job, accidentally. It was a favour for a friend of mine. The job is easy, pretend to be a patient, simulated patient for few hours and i'll get RM50. Why patient? No is not those doctor nurse patient game, is an actual exam for a bunch of freshly bake students from a medical college/uni. The future doctorsss have to greet us, the simulated patients , measure our radial pulse and blood pressure.

Sounds easy but haha most of them got it wrong! Well is their first year. I don't blame them but whn they asked:

"Can i have your hand?"
"Errr. (you want my hand?)"

"Thank you for your cooperation, hope to see you soon!"
"Errr. (i dont want to see a doctor soon?)"

Funny. hehe and most of their hands were shaky, guess they were nervous but better not shaky in the surgery room. Conclusion: RM50 for 830am to 130pm + non-slp day before that = ultra tired.

Money hard to earn. Should i sell my hand? :)

One more thing, why is the post I need a doc so many viewers? I bet everyone loves doc mart!

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