Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello the world!

Hello world, are you ready for me? :)

Yay, i'm getting better now no more sick cat mode. Last week was disastrous to me, and i missed out a lot of good things. Now is time to redeem myself.

I just got online just now and my friend who are in Scotland now, Mr.KJ told me about email from Apicta! So i went and checked my email to see if i got any respond from them and ~ Yesh! I'm one of the finalist for the award! Congratz to myself. One thing i have to do now is to present again about my project in front of the panel of judges next Thursday, 1st of July.

Will this be my surprise birthday present? From who? Myself to myself.

Oh damn, the IPCC proposal deadline is on 1st of July too. Time to rush!

* Should i bake myself a chocolate cake? :)

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sepet vernz said...

:D many luck to you!