Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back to my Movie!

Friday i watched Youth in Revolt (till 5am in the morning), consequences were i got super tired on my weekend trip. Anyway that movie was, how to say: Youthful and dumb.

Spoiler: How can the boy, Nick gone so far (dumbass or do i not have any romantic sense) for that girl!? Well, he definitely got laid after that. I din't expect much cause i label this movie as a no-brainer movie which for me, humour, fun, playful kind of movie, you know for people to chill. Fun part maybe 50%, humour 40%, 10% awkward acting of Michael Cera. He trying to be a badass here but is not really working very well together with the formula of badass? I laughed when he tried to be funny and told the girl his name was Dillinger and thats the only funny part i can remember. In the end, it got me feeling a little:

"Darn i should do more vicious thing to make my youth worth! Anything i just gonna be in juvenile court..wait DAMN i am 22 this year."

Alright! Back to my Giuseppe's Baaria movie which i dint get to watch on Friday!  Should i buy Dim Sum and munch while watching this movie? snack + drink + company + movie = awesome time. For now minus the company, i definitely need a good snack to make it awesome. hehe.


p.s is 12am now and yesh we do have midnight dimsum here! Taste like awesome.


Dorothy Jen said...

u wan something stupid? tik Borat n Bruno are :p
wonder if u have watched ?

Madmazelle said...

wow...those two are too 'extreme' stupid i think haha i watched few parts..the bruno..penis wanking around..haha!

din't really have the effort to watch finish both of the movies :P

aijew said...

youth in revolt is nice T.T

Dorothy Jen said...

hah, extreme!
michael Cera is dumbdumb sorta lover, love him in Juno ^^

Madmazelle said...

aijew> nice in a normal way? :P

dorothy> i think he will be great in Scott pilgrim! :P