Sunday, June 13, 2010

In my room.

I'm back from Johor! Exhausted. Drained from the trip but it was a nice trip, i met my relatives and cousins, ate some good foods..It was a nice, slow moving town i guess. My aunty gave me few books to read but i only managed to read one book - is about Christian the lion. Remember? From one of the current youtube sensation.

Surprisingly that documentary video existed since 1971..the 70s. Well from the look of the fashion in the video.. haha. Anyway i only got the read the first part of the book on how they met Christian but my aunty highly recommended this book. She even bought the eng and chinese version. Another book is about whats is like being in hell. hmm.

Now back in my room, alone. Wait not alone, with my laptop. Things-to-do list is adding up and none is cross out yet. Damn. Head is overloading, suddenly Kal msn me about a funny thing.

"Wanna see something funny? And you can do it too!"
"Like what?"
"Go to googlemap and you like to go japan right?"
"Is this gonna be long? I have to shit now!"
"....wth. okok"

10mins later:

"Alright so i google map what?"
"From Perth to Japan, it will teach you how to get to Japan from there :)"

Googlemapping and discovered:

Smart google calculated the route from Perth to Japan..apparently reach till a point where you have to 34. Kayak accross Pacific Ocean for 5,404km. HOW CAN PEOPLE DO THAT! hahaha smart ass.

But is okay, i will just find my way to China and :

Yea! Jet ski accross Pacific Ocean for another 782km then i will reach Japan! Well is better than kayaking for 5 thousand km.

*too bad google can't get the calculation for the route from Malaysia to Japan. I bet i'll have to rocket my way there :)

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