Saturday, June 5, 2010

Be a man.

I kind of not agree with that what my mom's perception of us. She said that we a failure in education but i don't think so. Maybe we work a little bit different from others, but we meant no harm. We are different.

At least i want to think that i am different.

My final final final like really final result is out. Is not a good sight, i mean the achievement table. I did not achieved what i wanted to achieve, first class. I came second. Which means, HELLO PTPTN. I feel sorry for myself. Now i gonna graduate with 50k debt with me. :) Take the responsibility like a man. Well not a big thing i guess but sorry for those who expected more out of me.

I'm happy. I really am because i did great all these years. Screw you number and rating.

Speak of the man. Do you know theres a term - Penis Envy? Haha i came across this term when i was watching The Seven Deadly Sins program at History channel (my Astro at home only have discovery channels etc and news channels). Anyway two days ago it was showing about Envy and they talked abt Penis Envy.

Is actually quite interesting.. In the Freud theory, they said when a girl reach to realisation that she does not have penis,and they jealous of men because they have penis is Penis Envy. Penis represent power at that time. Well that time yeshh, women was suppressed everywhere they go, especially in the working world. Imagine the time at 1900 to the 50's.  Read more abt it here.

BUT. Theres another feminist said that men have Womb/Vagina Envy too. They envious towards women because we have the power to give birth to a life, nurture and the motherhood. Women as the essential role is sustaining life of the people.  This which leads men to become more dominant and drives to succeed (in work/etc).

Are you experiencing penis envy/ womb envy now? Don't worry is just psychological, we don't inherent this kind of feeling since we were born. Hmm..well i do admit that when i was young, i tried to be a boy. I don't know why i just hate being a girl. I think boy had the most fun and sometimes i do wish that i have penis. That was when i'm still in primary school. Shit.

Lucky! No fairy granted me that wish, yet. I think being a women now in this time is the prime, for me. We are more macho than men sometimes. We can do whatever we want, almost. Yeahh...penis envy? Might not be happening in the near future.

The womb had evolved, harder faster better stronger. (*alien screeching) Let's celebrate vagina day!

This post is so random. Gonna label it as random.

Still afraid of what and what not? Be a man!

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