Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LapSap Night @ Pallete Pallete, KL.

Woo~~ Got the photos from Keat. On Jan 16 08, i celebrated Khai Ming's 20th Birthday at TS and a gig. Happy Birthday to our first 20th fren~ hahahahaaa! Anyway the party was fun and only for invitee ~~ XD Is a Nu-Rave party by Dj Lap Sap, the songs they mix by themselves and is electronica babe. The crowd is cool and weird..which i like it. hahaha~~ Very boomkat and extravan indeed. Tat night whole body pain lo...dance till mou lek. = = Been gaming too much ... anyway i dono dance 1..i just goyang goyang! la la la . & supposed to meet someone there but failed...oh well.

nutshell... was a very nice party. haha :

Met some mmu dudes~

Blast off ~

The Djs

Is a small room~crowded lil room . - -

William, Bug & Bday Boy.


Had encore...lol yeaaa ~ encore man. Guess what song they played? Lemon tree. GG


Sunday, January 27, 2008

stomach problem

Bye Bye

It ends tonight, it ends tonight. . . My holidays tata. Sayonara. ByeBye.

Damn my stomach been pain for few days... Shit my ass la. ZzzZzzz

Holidays.. sick.


i shall go check my time schedule for new sem class. =D AAAA my game


Friday, January 25, 2008

Electronica <3


Blast off~

Currently in love with electronica style music . . ~ Relaxing. YEA```~~

I not really know what is this kind of music anyway..as long is abit electro beat fr what i listen.. blah.

just enjoy music!



Pancake . . Fat Pancake!

I made 2 pieces of pancakes just now! Is thick and juicy.. with the butter and blueberry jam. Of coz my pancake can't be compare with the Paddington House of Pancake..mine is 10% more tasty. Wakakaka! Hmm pancakes reminds me of the pancakes i ate at Penang with MeiMei.... Weird.. i sweared it looked like some sort of 'keropok' instead of pancakes. - -"


Dare you to eat =)

Seriously...i think everyone shld just eat one piece of pancake..cause is very filling but is 'muak' kind of filling... All the flour`~ - -"and it looked thick..coz my cooking skill problem okay? keke


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Back in a flash

I said i went out ..but guess wat ? IT was 3pm plus and wow can't you see the sun as bright as anything that beamed out ultra violet super hot rays... So i decided to come back in, sit in front of my laptop ... HERE i am.

Plain boredoom.

Anyway, this morning was stomachpain and went in the toilet did my "business" and saw a news.

Heath Ledger dead. Who is this? He is one of the main actor in Brokeback Mountain, the movie. Yea. The moutain ~~~ Anyway he was found dead on the bed naked. Death reasons are unknown yet. Or izit something to do with the new upcoming his-last-movie Dark Knight. Why i said that? Cause the newspaper wrote that to get into the character which is the Joker. He locked himself in the room, isolated with everyone for almost 6 days...and he got insomnia later on. Hmmm... mind is a very tricky thing. Some say is overdose of medicine or drugs or human mistakes...~ or maybe suicide.

The makeup of his last movie Joker :

R.I.P Heath Ledger

I wan to watch Sweeney Todd~


need to get out

i need to get up and get out away from my laptop and psp....

- -

goin out !

holidays ending

My Sweet Lazy Holidays .... end

Argh sweet mama god~ my holidayssss ENDING soon. What i did so far...lets see!

Scanning for "what i did so far in this sem break" : :: : : :: : : : : : : : : : : :: : : : : : : : 99.9%

I decided not to write down here...coz i don wan to make myself feel so useless HAHAHAA! Fine. I just doing nothing and nothing beside gaming, slp, eat, sick...... Wtf why i always have to be sick on CNY or before CNY? Not fun at all. Stupid throat. Stop coughing!

I still can't believe i am 20 .. - - aaaaaaaaaaaaa noooooo okei i am just 19. The pressure of adulthood, all the responsibilities... sux. Gal just wanna have fun~~ Ever heard of this song?? bastard reality.

Okay is just my pre-holidaysend symptoms.. bare with myself.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


After few days and hours of hunting the "sky and ground's rage" finally i got my armor... T_T Thx so much to my fella hunter friends! 感激感激! kamsia~ Every night searching for the red ruby of this dragon! And finally i am not rojak already! muahahaa :

The old me.

Rathalos U Armor set


Without the helm is much more nicer lo..

Ever heard of throw 2 birds with one stone? HAHA here is another 银火龙 弓 armor!

Okei i know is not the best armor set but the process of getting it is priceless. muahaha! THX SO MUCH OO ! You know who you guys are hehe

Next target : 霸龙装~



Gathering hall

Kai Kai Kai

Play together! What is the main purpose of gaming? To interact and interactiviy! Yeaa just like any good old mmorpg. HeHe but this is more intense is like guildwar every match haha with monster. In MHP2nd you can lan or if u got kai you can play with max of 4 hunters together in one gathering hall. Clap Clap Clap! Playing alone is cool..playing with more players is fun and cool! Anything can happened hehe

Missed out one more just now... Hermitaur mati! Like to kill this last time cause very fun to hit.

Want to shoot this photo of myself killing these two dragons but Dou Ya and Allen suddenly pop out! Opps... XD teamwork!

What good about online gathering hall? Get to see other hunter's Yeng armors and weapons! woohoo

After 2 weeks of playing Kai and sick and play kai, is fun haha and addictive. Haalooo see my panda eyes also know , everyday 6am sleep aaaa!! My beauty sleep~~ blah..worth it i bet.


Journey to hunterhood

Journey to My Hunterhood

After replay my MHP2nd, i admit is indeed abit rush. (duh lo holiday ending) Then raise HR also very fast cause got lots hunter friends help. hehe BUT! eventhough i am Hr6 still my armor and weapon and skill is still sucky and blunt. Learning and learning.

You must be thinking what can you learn from playing game? haha If you think like that, i bet you never really play a game before. Seriously. Maybe is psycho but indeed we can learn something from gaming. haha OKAY at least for me. Is not easy to face those big big monster... courage is the key muahahaa. I shall cut my crap... here are some footages of me solo capturing monsters. (Killing and capturing a monster is a totally different experience) :

See who jump higher~?

Yeaa baby~ Congalala..easy catch

My messy armor... - -which help me through till 4 star village missions.

Pig...roasted! Monkey shooo~

Aww i hate this Khezu...see who sot who now . muahaha

Nicer armor ... capture Lodrome. haha

Capture this so-call snow lion king...sap sap sui!

I hate water chicken ... = 3= i think this got killed by me ^^

I captured more monsters in MHF2! So MHP2 i must add oil too! hahahaaaa capture capture~
Capture monster more fun than killing it.. i wan capture Lao Shan Long. Muahahaa


A lil story of my hunter journey

Monday, January 21, 2008

Save a lil kitten

How to Save A Life

Yesterday yesterday me and my sis save a lil kitten life! HeHe. The story is like this, we heard this lil kitten meow like for few hours at the back alley of my house. Then we decided to go and look APA MACAM to the kitten and try to be adventurous like when we were small. Yeah we used to always explore the back alley with our neighbours. The good old days~~ =P (i can say we 'catch' lots of kittens before *wink*)

Cont..My sis searched and searched for the source of that lil kitten but she just can't see it. Can't blame her, she wear spec. ^^ So i go get a torchlight cause was quite dark already and was going to rain. I passed her the torchlight and still she can't find the kitten. The drain the alley, no sign of the kitten. Then i grabbed the torchlight and WaaalAaa~ the kitten at the bottom of the drain , corner there, all soaked up. Lucky it hvnt drowned to death but still, is raining soon. I noticed that the kitten mom was nearby inspecting us from far. Anyway rescue mission must get started!

Took some old clothes and headed to the drain there. I supposed to go down to the drain and grab the kitten up coz my sis takut kotor but .... = = DAMN my leg too short kenot reach the surface of the bloody drain......- -" so my sis had to go down...yea she is taller thn me ! haha Get Dirrrty ! yay

After finally rescue the lil kitty up! oh yea is black lil kitty! ^^ so kawaii indeed. The lil kitten stared blankly at my eyes....i think the lil kitty trying to say thank you to us or it just plain afraid of what had happened. hahahaaa When i went in to take some milk for the kitty...it ran to its mom.

Awww.... sweet but afraid that the lil kitten will fall down to the drain again. We tried to double confirm but we can't find it anymore = = Just Disappear! Later night, when on my bed i heard lil kitten meow moew meow again. Was it saying thank you or asking for help again? I hope is saying thank you to us.

Be strong lil black kitty! hehe muax

P.s is a very nice experience =) hehe


Happy CNY

Pre-Gong Xi Fa Fa Fa Cai

Sunday sunday sunday is over~~ What good about Sunday is at night there will be Pasar Malam. What bad abt Sunday, well i just not a big fan of Sunday because of the FACT that the day after Sunday is Monday which i hate Monday. =D Blame Garfield for that !^^ haha okei Anyhow i went to Pasar Malam aka PM with my mom, sis and my cousin.

PM ... if i go there i go for the food. Definitely not just to take a walk at there , is always so crowded with homo-sapiens... Head might split with your own body !! haha I am too exaggerate. I ate a spicy chicken and Pikachu small cake! hehe It just taste soooo good! yum. =D i think i showed the photo here before hehe.

Then later on, went to a warehouse sales near my mom's office at Maluri to buy some CNY decorative thingy. Bought lots of thingy things at this place ~

They even sell Wings~~ No is not chicken wings is angel k! haha

I knw i can fly . . = ="

Okay now i am a dragon!

er.. Rawr ?

And we bought some ' Qi Pao' ! woohoo~ 1st time wear Qi Pao after 20 years of living as a chinese in this world. HAHA One is like RM38.... so damn cheap and being human, we bought 4 Qi Pao ! hahahaaa~ Here with no make up on :

Happy we are posing with our Qi Pao. why i am not smiling ? - - ( the light sux with camera phone)


PsP new Bundle!

March 13 08

Yoo! Monster Hunter and Psp once again collaboration and create this limited edition MHP2ndG bundle pack ( all the images are taken from psp.tgbus.com) :

Limited Edition.

BABI!! I WAN IT!! Is for slim version.. And Sony announced that psp slim can compatible with Skype and they will release a specially made mic for psp slim.

And Xiong said that he saw a Sg kiddo got a yellow color psp slim. Cool lo. I like yellow too, striking and lemon-like. I suka lemon! I wonder how will i spend my AngPao money...hmm =)




Look at these lovely figures!! Yay is monster hunter series obviously! The character wearing the significant armors and weapons from the game.. This kawaii lil lady call Pinky. I wonder if there is a male character anot... definitely going to buy it!! The price is around RM50+ i think. Even though they are not wearing my fav armors or fav weapon but still....irresistable ! XD Anyway Japan already released these figures.. What abt Malaysia? Heard that XL or Shiok toy at cineleisure got sell. I got a hunter friend he said he will gonna buy it tml. (damn u) But he will book for me too! yay! thx X1000 Dekhai! Behold:

Pinky P-Chara Bone Hunter : Poon

Pinky P-Chara Sword Hunter : Leia

Pinky P-Chara Kosu Hunter : Monchan

BACK to my TITLE :

Long time never update my blog already!! I've been busy.. busy with wat? Gaming of coz. Holidays are meant to be like this =D ( i am still young!!! 20 years old confession ) And sick! Gosh ever since last Wed the Khaiming Bday ( happy bday dude 20 d!) DjLapsap - Boombox party. Was a nice party indeed, the music is nice, the crowd is cool. haha I thought i can meet a friend but turned out failed. - - sad sad i really very sad but shall move on. Will update the photo of tat night whn i got the pictures from my friend Keat. XD YEaaa he brought his Dslr along...FCM student ! haha Got some nice pictures in it! hehe but still is a sad night la ... = =

Here are 'proof' of me dating with my psp - -" :

I know i know.... but i am insanely addicted to it~~ ( thx Biao!!)


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Texas Poker

call me dou shan number 7~

Yeah i know how to play poker already!! CNY here i come~Last Sat celebrated Ninja's 21st bday with some poker game. LOL is pretty funny....

The winner of the poker night - LYM... he got all the 'chips'..

The Pok Kai group....Trust me they dint win at all XD

The winner prize giving ceremony...given by the leader of Pok Kai club. [wan to join? just be pok kai]



ewww tired


body kenot take it anymore...

eyes pain stare at any screen.

= 3=

Monday, January 14, 2008

shopping spree

Shopping spree

Yooo! Went to Curve and Sungaiwang, tired !!!!

I bought a cap :

I bought a green tshirt:

I bought a saturate pink tshirt for cny:

This is the coat love the lace part XD :