Tuesday, January 8, 2008

psp !!

Addicted to PsP

Now i keep finding ways to customize the outer part of my psp~ = 3= but in Malaysia i don't know where got shop that can let me design my own psp cover = = is there any shop here do this kind of stuff? XD

Anyway tried Xlink Kai with the adapter, LOVE IT!! is not lagging actually, the fun part is you get to play with er human. HAHA yea. =) Thx to Dekhai for accompany kill some big big monster that i can't even kill = = GARK ! AHH I WAN THE RHATALOS SOUL ARMOR SET!!~ so gaya la wei!

= =

BLAH!!! Now nid to help dad type some documents... and the documents is like fucking long and all nid to type by hand , one by one . SPARE ME = =


niaaaaaaa ma shitty my armor still so shitty aaaa kao meng =P

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