Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am Legend

World Peace

Just now watched I Am Legend. Is freaking scary !! cause the mutation virus thingy . . = = was traumatized by the whole zombie thing cause there were lots of show about the virus thn all human get infected and like the end of the world. I REALLY don't want all this to happen in real life. (who want it - - )

Anyway, I Am Legend also made me cry = = cause Sam died and he had to strangled it to death before it literally become like mutation dog. And he sacrificed himself for the world, that is legend. Is how stupid that human killing each other for their own benefits. War is stupid. In the movie they also mentioned abt Bob Marley.

Bob Marley got an idea that he believe that you can cure races hatred literally by injection music and love inside people's life.

That is very true. I believe that too.

I dont want war.. hope John Titor prediction or anything is wrong. XD

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