Thursday, January 10, 2008

Xlink kai time

Woohoo Happy Kai-ing

Another night with kai! This time met some's hunter kaki and Kazeru from LYN. Hoho ! Thx you so much dudes!

Cari's hunters very nice, they helped me hunt Azure Rathalos ! Cause i want to make a full set armor of Azu Los BUT~ some of the items i just can't get it so i was like hybrid of hermitaur armor and azu rathalos. Is fcuking weird can. Later they wanted to help me raise my Hr3 to Hr4 so we killed killed killed killed and reach the urgent mission. To kill the Shen Gao Ren, a big hermit crab that love to be a dragon. - - why? cause this enormous huge crab took some dragon's skeleton head as its shell. bak chi crab i shall say.

Me and hunters hunting this Shen Gao Ren :

Okay in the end.... we din win - - Seriously? SERIOUSLY? we like fought for 20min plus for this crap or crab and at the very end there, amazingly one of my teammate suddenly just faint like tat and is all over (previously i fainted once and another fren fainted once) Everybody were all damn blurred of what had just happened. LOL Guess everyone was very sleepy and tired. Duh it was 430am i think. All of them said ciao and went to sleep cause tml most of them got work, and yeaa i am holiday-ing man XD

So with my high hunter spirit~~ ( BBQ meat sambil whistle syok sendiri style) i decided to go get my full set of Azure Rathalos myself! Checked google and found out that i have to volacano area 8 to mine for my firestone. = = Nowonder i can't get it before that coz i mined all the other area except area 8. Damn.

While mining at the volcano hot hot area~~~~ then i saw Kazeru on Kai! I remembered few days back i got 'date' him to hunt with me. So i asked him helped me hunt Azu Rathalos and he helped me XD hahaha fei hua.

He super pro man, saw his guild card , fuhyooo apa apa macam oso got @@ speechless. GOOD HR6! Anyway i got my new armor set finally!!! (after like 1 month) BEHOLD Azure Rathalos Soul armor set :

Happy i am . XD!!

Later on went to hunt Rathalos wing to upgrade my weapon. Before that keep can't get that stupid wing = = But this time i get 2 ! L-u-c-k-y~ Captured Rathalos :

After that together we helped another teammate to up his Hr2 to Hr3! Tats right, is time to fight Tigrex! Kind of have phobia abt this monster cause last time he hit me till i fainted. ( AHHHHH! ) But Kazeru said :" Take shock trap and kill it, you guys make your way to Area 8, go to the top there, other i will settle it" WOW! XD strategy~ so i took some shock traps and run my live to the top there and watched him fight down there. When the time is right i jump down and set shock trap and sliced him~~ WOOHOO~~ chop chop chop~ then go back up wait and go down and go up and down~~ in the end... TADA~ we killed it!!

Good job~ Kazeru said he din't expect us to learn tat much exp from that XD yay spirit is high! SHALL CONTINUE my hunting journey~~ HR6 wait me!~~and yeng gaya nice armor~~ wait me~~

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