Monday, January 14, 2008


Style me up!

yeaah baby~~~ Yesterday went to Jusco with mom,sis and my two lovely cousins, Apple and Melvin. Apple is bloody rich lil gal ( i love u so much XD ) OH yea the best part is Apple and Melvin bought all their CNY clothes at Body Gloves shop. Same time, Apple also choose 2 t-shirts for her bro and 2 more t-shirts for Marcus ( Melvin's bro). Total of like er 6 shirts and one pants is RM313.6! And we only got er RM306. = =" swt.

Actually she got RM200 more but is with my mom and my mom (got hp like no hp) never pick up our call. Wait wait wait and i call again aha finally get through. Yea we are safe!!! XD Chi gek nya~

Later went to Curve and cineleisure with my hsemates! Poor Khai Ming, Umar and Nana had to wait me like almost an hour, thx to my ever cooperative stomach digest XD Sorry guys but you all still willing to wait me =)

Reach there thn we went to Ikea to meet with William, Ah Cao, Roy and Yvonne. Ate the famous meatball of Ikea but ew it taste sux today. The meatball is hard and "black" - - haih. QUALITY CONTROL OKAY?!!

After dinner, walk around flea market...No much nice stuff this season. Go in Cineleisure, shop around and talk around~ Walk WAlk WALK okei let's try some clothes. And TADA OMFG so many nice nice nice coat k. I tried one blue coat tweed style, is totally nice ! 59.90$ 10%disc cause is new arrival. Next shop~ Wow tat is nice...Wah this is pretty too. DAMN i wan to buy it all can? Thn as we walk deeper in, got more shops! i din know that inside got so many boutique shops which is very nnniiiiicccceeeeeee. Then there is this shop with an old lady shopkeeper, this is where i saw this damn yeng coat/dress! Why dress? cause is long and got lace below!! >.< KAKOI & KAWAII desu!! My brain straight pop out these 3 words : must-get-it. [tried took pic with it but failed, the fitting room light is damn dim]

Conclusion : i wan new clothes and etc.

add on : stupid monster hunter kenot get 电气袋...- - 气死了啊!

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