Monday, January 21, 2008



Look at these lovely figures!! Yay is monster hunter series obviously! The character wearing the significant armors and weapons from the game.. This kawaii lil lady call Pinky. I wonder if there is a male character anot... definitely going to buy it!! The price is around RM50+ i think. Even though they are not wearing my fav armors or fav weapon but still....irresistable ! XD Anyway Japan already released these figures.. What abt Malaysia? Heard that XL or Shiok toy at cineleisure got sell. I got a hunter friend he said he will gonna buy it tml. (damn u) But he will book for me too! yay! thx X1000 Dekhai! Behold:

Pinky P-Chara Bone Hunter : Poon

Pinky P-Chara Sword Hunter : Leia

Pinky P-Chara Kosu Hunter : Monchan

BACK to my TITLE :

Long time never update my blog already!! I've been busy.. busy with wat? Gaming of coz. Holidays are meant to be like this =D ( i am still young!!! 20 years old confession ) And sick! Gosh ever since last Wed the Khaiming Bday ( happy bday dude 20 d!) DjLapsap - Boombox party. Was a nice party indeed, the music is nice, the crowd is cool. haha I thought i can meet a friend but turned out failed. - - sad sad i really very sad but shall move on. Will update the photo of tat night whn i got the pictures from my friend Keat. XD YEaaa he brought his Dslr along...FCM student ! haha Got some nice pictures in it! hehe but still is a sad night la ... = =

Here are 'proof' of me dating with my psp - -" :

I know i know.... but i am insanely addicted to it~~ ( thx Biao!!)

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