Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LapSap Night @ Pallete Pallete, KL.

Woo~~ Got the photos from Keat. On Jan 16 08, i celebrated Khai Ming's 20th Birthday at TS and a gig. Happy Birthday to our first 20th fren~ hahahahaaa! Anyway the party was fun and only for invitee ~~ XD Is a Nu-Rave party by Dj Lap Sap, the songs they mix by themselves and is electronica babe. The crowd is cool and weird..which i like it. hahaha~~ Very boomkat and extravan indeed. Tat night whole body pain lo...dance till mou lek. = = Been gaming too much ... anyway i dono dance 1..i just goyang goyang! la la la . & supposed to meet someone there but failed...oh well.

nutshell... was a very nice party. haha :

Met some mmu dudes~

Blast off ~

The Djs

Is a small room~crowded lil room . - -

William, Bug & Bday Boy.


Had encore...lol yeaaa ~ encore man. Guess what song they played? Lemon tree. GG


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