Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy CNY

Pre-Gong Xi Fa Fa Fa Cai

Sunday sunday sunday is over~~ What good about Sunday is at night there will be Pasar Malam. What bad abt Sunday, well i just not a big fan of Sunday because of the FACT that the day after Sunday is Monday which i hate Monday. =D Blame Garfield for that !^^ haha okei Anyhow i went to Pasar Malam aka PM with my mom, sis and my cousin.

PM ... if i go there i go for the food. Definitely not just to take a walk at there , is always so crowded with homo-sapiens... Head might split with your own body !! haha I am too exaggerate. I ate a spicy chicken and Pikachu small cake! hehe It just taste soooo good! yum. =D i think i showed the photo here before hehe.

Then later on, went to a warehouse sales near my mom's office at Maluri to buy some CNY decorative thingy. Bought lots of thingy things at this place ~

They even sell Wings~~ No is not chicken wings is angel k! haha

I knw i can fly . . = ="

Okay now i am a dragon!

er.. Rawr ?

And we bought some ' Qi Pao' ! woohoo~ 1st time wear Qi Pao after 20 years of living as a chinese in this world. HAHA One is like RM38.... so damn cheap and being human, we bought 4 Qi Pao ! hahahaaa~ Here with no make up on :

Happy we are posing with our Qi Pao. why i am not smiling ? - - ( the light sux with camera phone)

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