Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Journey to hunterhood

Journey to My Hunterhood

After replay my MHP2nd, i admit is indeed abit rush. (duh lo holiday ending) Then raise HR also very fast cause got lots hunter friends help. hehe BUT! eventhough i am Hr6 still my armor and weapon and skill is still sucky and blunt. Learning and learning.

You must be thinking what can you learn from playing game? haha If you think like that, i bet you never really play a game before. Seriously. Maybe is psycho but indeed we can learn something from gaming. haha OKAY at least for me. Is not easy to face those big big monster... courage is the key muahahaa. I shall cut my crap... here are some footages of me solo capturing monsters. (Killing and capturing a monster is a totally different experience) :

See who jump higher~?

Yeaa baby~ Congalala..easy catch

My messy armor... - -which help me through till 4 star village missions.

Pig...roasted! Monkey shooo~

Aww i hate this Khezu...see who sot who now . muahaha

Nicer armor ... capture Lodrome. haha

Capture this so-call snow lion sap sui!

I hate water chicken ... = 3= i think this got killed by me ^^

I captured more monsters in MHF2! So MHP2 i must add oil too! hahahaaaa capture capture~
Capture monster more fun than killing it.. i wan capture Lao Shan Long. Muahahaa

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