Thursday, January 24, 2008


Back in a flash

I said i went out ..but guess wat ? IT was 3pm plus and wow can't you see the sun as bright as anything that beamed out ultra violet super hot rays... So i decided to come back in, sit in front of my laptop ... HERE i am.

Plain boredoom.

Anyway, this morning was stomachpain and went in the toilet did my "business" and saw a news.

Heath Ledger dead. Who is this? He is one of the main actor in Brokeback Mountain, the movie. Yea. The moutain ~~~ Anyway he was found dead on the bed naked. Death reasons are unknown yet. Or izit something to do with the new upcoming his-last-movie Dark Knight. Why i said that? Cause the newspaper wrote that to get into the character which is the Joker. He locked himself in the room, isolated with everyone for almost 6 days...and he got insomnia later on. Hmmm... mind is a very tricky thing. Some say is overdose of medicine or drugs or human mistakes...~ or maybe suicide.

The makeup of his last movie Joker :

R.I.P Heath Ledger

I wan to watch Sweeney Todd~

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