Tuesday, November 30, 2010

War my ass.

7 years! After a long 7 years, don't i deserve a nice travel trip with my family?

Why Korea, why?

Finally i starting to like your country but BOOM, you present me with a bomb. Christmas is coming, be a good country and santa will shower you with hugs and kisses ( not bazooka and bullets). No war, please? Listen to your citizen, they don't want to war (from newspaper)!

I can't believe the timing is so right on the spot. Which reminded me about John Titor, the dude from the future which predicted that in 2011 or 2013, there will be World War III. :)   John, please go back to the future and stay there... be good.

Okay i'll talk about something less violence:

Black Swan, super excited about this movie and i just get my hands on Bottle Rocket by Wes Anderson! I love his movies. & Life was okay if ignore the fact that i am cashless for more than 4 days, pretty much like a beggar with a job, and yes i will work for food, fucking good food.

Now i'm riding on a horse. Yee haw!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accio You.

This is nerdy, the title & i know but i just watched Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1. The whole movie was dark and yea dark. Overall, i think they did a fair job in the plot and the story even though they changed, minimized, took out some of the story in the book. Well you can't cramp everything in one 2 & half hour movie. Since i am a Harry Potter fans ( hahaaa yea i can have magic) I BLOODY WANNA WATCH THE 2ND PART NOW!

but this post is not a review about the movie. Is about muggle's emotional feelings. I can't believe i just typed that.Cause of this movie, i finally got to hang out with my old pals from uni. I miss them a lot, my ex housemates, coursemates. It was nice to listen and talk to them again. We all are fine, doing fine in the phase of a new transition, carefree little bastards to adult working responsibility-suck's metamorphosis. Are we? 

I really do miss my friends but i am bad at maintaining a relationship yet i have few close friends. I am lucky. Speaking of luck, i just won two free tickets to watch Let Me In (not a new movie). I am lucky, i guess.

And you can get funny caption from your friend :" Are you my pikachu? Coz baby i choose you."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be my guest!

Heavy rain. Gloomy Sunday but me is feeling alright! Woohooo!

Went to Amcorp Mall with my friend Charuk, a place full of vintage, 2nd hand, cheap, amazing, wonderful treasures = movies, books, musics & great company. There shop there have amazing collection of criterion movies, attractive packaging and  with pretty cheap price. Definitely going back there to dig out some nice movies (with $, i fucking broke)!

I like the book store there too, is like a factory outlet of books. They sell way cheaper price of the original price ( cheap as in from RM200 cut till RM50, more than half ). I bought my first design related art book, i never get the chance to buy any of those because most of them are really expensive. The book is about brochures design, since i have to deal with some print design, hopefully i can learn more.

Big book indeed. Cant fit!

Around the complex they have flea markets, selling varieties of stuff. Well, the reason we went there was to get Charuk's nikon d7000! So i tagged along and we met Javad (professional photographer, hehe) at the camera shop. AND I FINALLY SAW A NICE COMPACT DSLR THAT I LIKE! is not nikon but canon thou. Canon G12, nice tiny little camera, i think i fell in love with it but costs a bomb thou. I really wanted a compact dslr, easier to bring around and my dslr sd card slot spoiled :(

I am officially desperate for more ka-ching. :D dayum.

A wonderful gift from my friend, monster from Where the Wild Things Are:

"Let me out! RAWR!"

Thank you so much Charuk! *you are the man!*
& lets go to Amcorp Mall again, when i have $.

I think i mentioned $ more than Javad! Wootz.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Da da doo da.

Working = no freedom.

" Noo! Working is like gaining total freedom! You earn your own money, you spend on anything you want, total control."

Working = partial freedom.

" I don't even know where i spent all my money. One day you see the figure, another day 'poof' gone. Cry me a fucking river, bitch!"

Working = freedom.

" Ideas. Timeline. Progress. Mocks. Client's satisfaction. Opinions. Milestone. Deadline. Repeat after me: Great freedom come with great responsibility... said pikachu"

One month i've been working in the company, barely survived. Dear brain, please catch up is not about you anymore. Sum of my feelings from one month of working: Anticipating, eager, insecure, sad, under expectation, disappointment, learning, meltdown, stress, lucky, struggle.

Are those what you suppose to feel on your first month/day/week on your first real job?

Yet, i enjoying it. I guess. I want to show what i capable of. I hope i can & will.

Being an adult is not easy.
Being an adult and stay true to yourself is even harder.

Wait a minute, am i an adult now? Bazinga!


This girl, I salute her ability to cover this song, she made my day. Laughed my ass out.

I like the fat kitty at the end! awww it must be overwhelmed by her performance too :D

--------------------------------------- end ---------------------------------------

Do you remember the time when you first learn to jump? You were so excited that you jump down from the bed, jump sideway to the floor, bonus for safe landing.

Let's jump! *jump*

Monday, November 8, 2010

So long friend.

Even though we were not that close as friend, but i still remember your cool smirk and funny British accent english conversation. You were a nice guy to work with, and we used to share ciggi by the porch.

Death never have mercy, and he took you away. Car accident.

My friend Zeriq, may your soul rest in peace.

Memento Mori.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

State of Mind.

An animator friend of mine once said:" Work makes you lazier than ever!"

Me: "How can it be? If we work, we aren't lazy, we wake up early and work and yeah not lazy."

Her:" Nooo, after you start working you will understand. You feel lazy to get out and have fun. You don't want to do anything after work."

Now, me:" Damn is real."

Those people that have the courage and energy to have a good time after working hours, i salute you.

-------------------------------------save paper----------------------------------------

I cut my hair. Short again. I forgot that i wanted to keep it longer.

It was okay, not that suitable for my head shape but i'm fine with it, hair will grow longer, soon.

Lately, the weather is super moist and cold. Every night blanket save my chilling ass. I can't imagine how cold the weather would be like during winter.

i'm just tired.