Tuesday, November 30, 2010

War my ass.

7 years! After a long 7 years, don't i deserve a nice travel trip with my family?

Why Korea, why?

Finally i starting to like your country but BOOM, you present me with a bomb. Christmas is coming, be a good country and santa will shower you with hugs and kisses ( not bazooka and bullets). No war, please? Listen to your citizen, they don't want to war (from newspaper)!

I can't believe the timing is so right on the spot. Which reminded me about John Titor, the dude from the future which predicted that in 2011 or 2013, there will be World War III. :)   John, please go back to the future and stay there... be good.

Okay i'll talk about something less violence:

Black Swan, super excited about this movie and i just get my hands on Bottle Rocket by Wes Anderson! I love his movies. & Life was okay if ignore the fact that i am cashless for more than 4 days, pretty much like a beggar with a job, and yes i will work for food, fucking good food.

Now i'm riding on a horse. Yee haw!


Drake Sigar said...

Why would you want to go to Korea anyway, it's been a volatile situation for years!

Madmazelle said...

Well i going to the South part which suppose to be tourist-friendly. :(
& the korean bbq..juicy bbq meat!!!

bad timing i guess. darn.

Dorothy Jen said...

WAR is BAD :(

Madmazelle said...

yeaaaaa! quote from beauty pageant :" I wish for world peace, no war!"