Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accio You.

This is nerdy, the title & i know but i just watched Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1. The whole movie was dark and yea dark. Overall, i think they did a fair job in the plot and the story even though they changed, minimized, took out some of the story in the book. Well you can't cramp everything in one 2 & half hour movie. Since i am a Harry Potter fans ( hahaaa yea i can have magic) I BLOODY WANNA WATCH THE 2ND PART NOW!

but this post is not a review about the movie. Is about muggle's emotional feelings. I can't believe i just typed that.Cause of this movie, i finally got to hang out with my old pals from uni. I miss them a lot, my ex housemates, coursemates. It was nice to listen and talk to them again. We all are fine, doing fine in the phase of a new transition, carefree little bastards to adult working responsibility-suck's metamorphosis. Are we? 

I really do miss my friends but i am bad at maintaining a relationship yet i have few close friends. I am lucky. Speaking of luck, i just won two free tickets to watch Let Me In (not a new movie). I am lucky, i guess.

And you can get funny caption from your friend :" Are you my pikachu? Coz baby i choose you."


Drake Sigar said...

Gonna have the Pokemon theme song stuck in my head all day now!

Glad you enjoyed the new Harry Potter. I've seen all of them except this one, it would be a shame to stop watching now.

Madmazelle said...

gotta catch'em all~

yea drake you should! decade of harry potter, and this is the end. Must watch!