Sunday, November 7, 2010

State of Mind.

An animator friend of mine once said:" Work makes you lazier than ever!"

Me: "How can it be? If we work, we aren't lazy, we wake up early and work and yeah not lazy."

Her:" Nooo, after you start working you will understand. You feel lazy to get out and have fun. You don't want to do anything after work."

Now, me:" Damn is real."

Those people that have the courage and energy to have a good time after working hours, i salute you.

-------------------------------------save paper----------------------------------------

I cut my hair. Short again. I forgot that i wanted to keep it longer.

It was okay, not that suitable for my head shape but i'm fine with it, hair will grow longer, soon.

Lately, the weather is super moist and cold. Every night blanket save my chilling ass. I can't imagine how cold the weather would be like during winter.

i'm just tired.


Drake Sigar said...

There are other ways of keeping warm, haha.

Madmazelle said...

i wonder what are those :)