Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Legend Of Mana Is Down!

Dudes! i successfully converted Legend Of Mana Psx game to PSP ! I able to play all the epix psx games in my psp now! WOOTZ! since i lost my psx console... = = hell yea.

Got this amazing thingy PSPX2PSP software that convert psx games to psp playable. Easy and fast.

And after conversion, tada the game LOM is in my PSP! yay :

Aww i miss the logo of psx! ^^ Isn't that lovely. & ya PSP is multi-tasker.


Virus invaded my ext hd. Thx to money making university's lab's pc. let's track back to WHY i even plugged my ext hd to the lab's pc?

because of

Cybertracker ( site-whom-we-must-not-say ).

Downloaded lots of stuff happily ( since sombody's account still login , sorry DeDe. ) but the lab's pc diskspace run low. Come on i just downloaded 4gb things. MUAHAAAHAA

Anyway the lab's pc crushed and the whole screen freezed. Damn. & i am totally distracted from the tutorial because i was busy fixing the lab's pc. Wewowewo. Later on Cheese asked me go teman him makan at indon cafe. I was very tired but since i am a good and nice fren, i followed anyway. IT WAS TORTURING!

why tortured? coz of this indon drama - Soleha. ( CHHHZZZGGG!!! ) and the food is slow ( CHHHZZZGGG!!! ) and a cat appeared ( CHHHHZZZGGGG!!! ) and 1 cute tiny lil limao seed stucked my limao ais's straw... ( CHHHHZZZGGG!!! )

and because i think your otak dah beku!! ( CHHHZZZGGGG!! )

psst: chhhzzgg!!! is a dramatic soundeffect which appear whn dramatic thing happen.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Gold Digger.

Found a very nice cover remix of N.E.R.D - Provider. I seriously think that Pharrell Williams is one of the good looking afri-amer dude. =)

Provider - GoldieLocks Refix .mp3 ( zshare )

She is a dj, a rapper and a producer. & that song is the bomb.

Wings are growing

What things we have in August? Avril's concert, Indepedent days and OF COZ~ lots of convo! Last week was my forever teacher aka 冰姨's convo day & she asked me to be her make up artist ( cough ) and photographer.

1st of all i like to say sorry to her coz i not really that skillful in the both fields. Amen.

With make up, co-op with my cousin. She look like 18? XD

To my dearest aunty.

The photos i shoot were all....well i will improve in the future. =) Went to celebrate her convo at a western cuisine restaurant near Metro Prima Jusco. ( i forgot the name of the restaurant again )

Nex week is my cousin turn. I shall say:" welcome to the 9 - 5 world~"


The neighbour aka Aunty live just next to my hse saw me yesterday and said i am got thinner. She even asked did i eat anything? Er Yeaaa~ i normal human and i eat human. Jk

Went to my fren's hse and her mom said i look thinner and asked whether i on diet or into those 'body' thing. = =

Honestly, i just eat normal. Maybe i stay up late at night. @@ AND i don't even think i am thin anyway i got effin lot of flesh hiding underneath the skins. =) I even ate pizzas just now at 2am.

i swear i wan to get 3 kgs thinner. kakakaaaa

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heart Of Glass

I wrote a story last night. Is something like this :

this is a story. a love story.
there was a girl who don't believe in all this bull shit. I know this is typical storyline.
But wait and see. You will find the true meaning of what is bull shit.

i like him.
He dislike me.
i like him still.
he dislike me.
giv up.
move on.

This is a true love story.

psst: i wrote this after i watched Moulin Rouge! movie. = = Okay watch movie at 3am make you go mojojojo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i not a family type of person.

definitely not a "aww you so sweet, let's hug and cry" person either.

i don't show much. i hide.

but it doesn't mean i hate or dislike that person/thing. Is just not the way for me to be loving and caring.

if i like you i will say fuck you. er something like that i guess.

get me?

Anyway, a nice remix to share. It made me drunked.

Faker - This Heart Attack(Miami Horror Remix)

psst: i hate moutain people moutain sea.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Allergic to you


Red rashes are coming back.

I think i am allergic to your bullshit. nah just some milk. I might maybe allergic to milk powder. . . @@ After eat the medicine, everything seems to be in control now. Hope it will be stable and POOOOF gone. GONE I SAY ! GONE.

Let's all be healthy. Pika.

Alt Rock!

The Fratellis! One of my favourite band right now. They are from Scotland! haha
Saw my Nips assignment? the opening sequence song is from The Fratellis's Henrietta(even my monster hunter video XD) .
Henrietta is a very catchy song in fact all their songs in the debut album Costello Music are all pretty awesome. =) Some of the nice tracks are Chelsea Dagger, Whistle For A Choir and ahem the whole album. Mojo mood on.

TheFratellis - Henrietta (zshare)

TheFratellis - Whistle For The Choir (zshare)

the album art is fine. = 3= . Anyway TF 2nd album is already out in store, shall grab it soon. ^^

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gold for Msia!?

Woow WooW~ Malaysia's Lee Zhong Wei will head to head with China's Lin Dan to compete for Gold medal in men single badminton sport.

Be sure to tune in at 6:30pm to watch the final match! & support Msia ya! Ganbatteh!

I do play badminton and is one of the sport that i play the most. Anyway, Malaysia must win!! Make us proud man!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I watched WALL-E. The cg animation is nice but the story is very predictable. =( Eventhough the message of the movie is very serious.. but kinda boring for me because of the freaking love story.... In the end part, kinda touching... i cried. hahaaaaa = = All the lazy human out there ( including me) BUCK UP!

I've been eating alot lately. . . = 3= damn it. PMS. blame the pms.

Well, can't wait for for Madagascar 2 . . the animals are so hilarious. =) I WAN TO WATCH! but i hate that song.

Take Time

I wish i have nine lives. So i can be an artist, a stewardess, a businessman, a archeologist, a slacker, a housewife ( LOL ), a chef, a fashion designer and a star. HAHAAAAAA okei cut the craps.

Something to do for the sake of i like to do it and of coz - Music! Most human ears are occupied with music beside the uncle that stay 2 house away. Psst his wife never stop singing and producing new "music".

So. Enjoy the music! Enjoy LIFE.

Let's MIX up

Kay~ like hiphop, rnb with a twist? introduce a new mash up remix of Coldplay vs T.I. by ELLIOT + QUIX 2. The track is pretty interesting and it blend well together. This is one of the best mash up track i heard so far. (i got like 8 mash up songs in my playlist =) )

Coldplay vs T.I. - What You Know, Scientist? (Elliot vs. Quix).mp3

Another, the oh-i-like-it remix i like is Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl. Seriously this song get so famous right now ey? (1 month ago) Tons of remix are available in the net now. (LES POWER!) Well i get my hand on this remix which done by Public's Mcfly. I LIKE IT~ espeacially the ending part, so pixel-ish. =) reminds me of lego, i wonder why.

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Public's McFly Remix).mp3

Yes. You can download the songs~

Next : indie band songs. Good stuff u won't get it from the FM radio. ^^

Friday, August 15, 2008

Curse Part 2

Yesterday was hell.

& today HellGate is open according to the Chinese lunar calander. Yeah today is 14th July and all the ghost will come out and have some fun.

I HAD MY FUN LAST NITE! din slp for the whole night rushing for 2 assignment. Basically is 1 coz the other assignment i just pass through. Well the assignment that bring me to hell is THE BLOODY MOVIE TRAILER.

We had to edit a movie trailer for a local movie. LOCAL. Not that local movie not good, some are very good but most of thm are kua kua kua. & i did a movie trailer of Evolusi KL drift. Was planned to do Jangan Pandang Belakang, but i got scared. =D

Hell thing was, i got the songs and the scenes cut out but the editing solving part WASTED MY FUCKING 4 HOURS! note: not edit part yet. The format of the files went wrong, the programme got cacated. Debugged till i insane. Finally got everthing worked at around 8 something in the morning. DAMN CILAKA! Finished everything by 12pm and sketch a lil lil bit of another assignment (game design) and i fainted.

Next, went to class at around 3pm, came back home round 6pm and i am dead.


upload later.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vector is

My holiday was perfect. It was so perfect till i called one of my coursemate:

" Ei cheese! today got class anot?"
" Nope. Takde class la. Convo kot."
" OOh okay ~ i still at kepong, (suddenly i saja saja go and ask) Oh ya tomorrow got any submission?"
" Got....is.."
" is.. Vector graphic assignment? we suppose to submit after the holiday?"
" Fuk! "

Without warning i felt my sweet sweet world was trembling in fear and the nice weather had just turned into storm. OH MY MATHAFAKA! How can i forgot abt my assignment. So i rushed back Cyberjaya the next few hours and do my work! ahem end up i started my work at around 1am. =D

The flash file gave me a heart attack. Actually is that LAME MP3 converter. yeah there is such application call itself lame! which is totally true. LAMEASS HANG MY PC! and my flash file almost crush. = = Lucky i am a good and kind person. My file was SAVE after i restarted my pc. PHEW. That was around 9am plus. (yeah i din slp the whole night~ i din even greet my own bed yet - -)

Now i finished my work and class start at 4pm...2 more hrs to go. what can i do to keep myself awake? So i uploaded my thing to my deviant for the sake of staying awake! haha Wanna see? cnc dozo~ :

NIPS it by ~madmazelle on deviantART

The sync got abit off in deviant. dono why =D suppose to sync with the music. Oh well Still an amature. I hope i will be better nex time and stop doing last min work! ( seriously i doubt that. )

p.s i just found out i got midterm quiz later . . . = = d**


I hate the post below.


coutryist! = = Protest!!!

damn now i have to find another mmorpg = 3=

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mabinogi Fantasy Life

Yay! Finally i can play this mmorpg!! Ever since er Form 4 or 5 i've been wanting to play this game but it never come! BUT now US got server ald and is in english! yay.

Downloading the game client now, can't wait to test it. I miss mmorpg. hehe the thing i fear is the lagness!! = = Streamyx don't fail me ya.

As for this game is more to relaxing, cartoony style...Currently US's mabinogi is still lovely and cute, like this:

Pray that its nice...Ro and PKo still the best so far @@

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thursday fever

Just finish watching Olympic Opening Ceremony Beijing! From 8pm to 12am oh dear. Tiring. John Titor might be wrong. . . ! Who is John Titor? Google abt it. He suppose to be this future guy from year 2036 and he said there are no more olympic since 2004. Oh well is still a good thing rite that olympic successfully "launch". I hope for the best. WORLD PEACE!

Yesterday my lovely hsemates Von, "MeiHwa" LOL and Jian Wei accomapanied me back to OU~ but i went back home with Ying to groom myself haha then we went to OU again with Biao. These are what we did (lazy to write, instead i made a video =) not so lazy afterall):

*i will never remember Moriji? hahaaaaa
Ohya we took some neoprints too! whee~ scan later.

Nite, i was forced by a pretty lady and i actually go clubbing~ Went to Maison and was so crowded (as always). Damn i hate there but not bad la. got free drinks, dance~, and can eat eye candy =) Well i just don't think i fit there well, cause i am geeky XD

p.s I REMEMBER YOU BLONDE HAIR GUY! haha made my day~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Harry Potter Newest Movie Coming Soon

Wow Wow everyear the HP fans wait and wait for the year-end-sale year-end time when NEW harry potter movie will soon be release!

This year, November prepare to return to the magical world of wizard in Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince. The trailer looks awesome ( i hvnt read the book yet) Check this out:

Ever since the 2nd movie i sort of lost interest in HP movie but this episode gonna rock! ahaha cause more dark thn usual and i hvnt read half blood prince book yet so looking forward to it.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Just check out from hospital today noon time. Glad that my sis is okay. Be strong! Don't keep thinking the negative part think of the positive side kay! smack u.

As for myself i don't feel quite well either. My stomach is not cooperative with me & my ass hole hurt. ( no i din do anything strange ) Shitting hurtx!! mahhhaaaaai. & i feel like running back to Cyberjaya aka my sanctuary for now. LOL is lame i know but is the only place that i can do my thing freely.

Going back there tml i guess. =) Shall chill out with my hsemates.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everything will be alright


When i came out from a movie. My hp rang. My mom called but she hanged up. Later on my cousin called, i picked it up and said :" dont worry i coming back"

"Yea whn u back we all will be not at home"
"Going to hospital. Your sis fainted just now on the floor.."

Thn my mom took over the phone and ask me to go back home earlier and be safe. Nex time i see her again i will make her swear not to say the phrase :" i gonna die" ever again. Cause she just said that whn i got back home today & i scolded her being silly.

fuck. What happened to my sis? i am worry. What can i do now alone in this house? I only can hope she be okay. she gonna be alright? Of course she will be okay.

pls be okay.