Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thursday fever

Just finish watching Olympic Opening Ceremony Beijing! From 8pm to 12am oh dear. Tiring. John Titor might be wrong. . . ! Who is John Titor? Google abt it. He suppose to be this future guy from year 2036 and he said there are no more olympic since 2004. Oh well is still a good thing rite that olympic successfully "launch". I hope for the best. WORLD PEACE!

Yesterday my lovely hsemates Von, "MeiHwa" LOL and Jian Wei accomapanied me back to OU~ but i went back home with Ying to groom myself haha then we went to OU again with Biao. These are what we did (lazy to write, instead i made a video =) not so lazy afterall):

*i will never remember Moriji? hahaaaaa
Ohya we took some neoprints too! whee~ scan later.

Nite, i was forced by a pretty lady and i actually go clubbing~ Went to Maison and was so crowded (as always). Damn i hate there but not bad la. got free drinks, dance~, and can eat eye candy =) Well i just don't think i fit there well, cause i am geeky XD

p.s I REMEMBER YOU BLONDE HAIR GUY! haha made my day~

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