Friday, August 15, 2008

Curse Part 2

Yesterday was hell.

& today HellGate is open according to the Chinese lunar calander. Yeah today is 14th July and all the ghost will come out and have some fun.

I HAD MY FUN LAST NITE! din slp for the whole night rushing for 2 assignment. Basically is 1 coz the other assignment i just pass through. Well the assignment that bring me to hell is THE BLOODY MOVIE TRAILER.

We had to edit a movie trailer for a local movie. LOCAL. Not that local movie not good, some are very good but most of thm are kua kua kua. & i did a movie trailer of Evolusi KL drift. Was planned to do Jangan Pandang Belakang, but i got scared. =D

Hell thing was, i got the songs and the scenes cut out but the editing solving part WASTED MY FUCKING 4 HOURS! note: not edit part yet. The format of the files went wrong, the programme got cacated. Debugged till i insane. Finally got everthing worked at around 8 something in the morning. DAMN CILAKA! Finished everything by 12pm and sketch a lil lil bit of another assignment (game design) and i fainted.

Next, went to class at around 3pm, came back home round 6pm and i am dead.


upload later.

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