Monday, August 25, 2008

Wings are growing

What things we have in August? Avril's concert, Indepedent days and OF COZ~ lots of convo! Last week was my forever teacher aka 冰姨's convo day & she asked me to be her make up artist ( cough ) and photographer.

1st of all i like to say sorry to her coz i not really that skillful in the both fields. Amen.

With make up, co-op with my cousin. She look like 18? XD

To my dearest aunty.

The photos i shoot were all....well i will improve in the future. =) Went to celebrate her convo at a western cuisine restaurant near Metro Prima Jusco. ( i forgot the name of the restaurant again )

Nex week is my cousin turn. I shall say:" welcome to the 9 - 5 world~"


xuemin said...

lol...bingyi said, don't show my ugly photo to the world..
n thanks for ur spread, even uncle john called n congrats her..

BuG said...


the power of internet. She shld thx me. XD