Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everything will be alright


When i came out from a movie. My hp rang. My mom called but she hanged up. Later on my cousin called, i picked it up and said :" dont worry i coming back"

"Yea whn u back we all will be not at home"
"Going to hospital. Your sis fainted just now on the floor.."

Thn my mom took over the phone and ask me to go back home earlier and be safe. Nex time i see her again i will make her swear not to say the phrase :" i gonna die" ever again. Cause she just said that whn i got back home today & i scolded her being silly.

fuck. What happened to my sis? i am worry. What can i do now alone in this house? I only can hope she be okay. she gonna be alright? Of course she will be okay.

pls be okay.