Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sayonara 2008

Time for resolution.

Resolution for 2009 :

- do my best in everything.
- see Ang Kor Wat or travel anywhere
- outdo myself

tats all. 

Don't Slipped Away. Or

Yesterday night grandpa emitted to hospital again. The back of his body got infection and dead tissues. It will slowly consume him if without any operation. I think gong gong is too weak to have another surgery but my mom said he had to.

Why do he have to suffer such pain now? Why can't he just enjoy his remaining life as a old man happily? Why do he have to fall down? Why he have Parkinson?

No matter how fortunate or unfortunate you are, there is still happiness in between. 

Are you happy now, grandpa? Or should we just...... 

I don't know. I don't want you to go but i don't want you to suffer. I want to say:" Happy new year gong gong! and i love you so." 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Is almsot new year

Is almost done

Is almost freedom (for 3 weeks)


*today presentation success. one down 2 more to go!

oh crap. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Loosing myself

Had a not long not short conversation with Mr. Cheese...the one who introduce me Jizzed in the Pants. :D No he is not a good guy. He is awesome la. HOW LA. i dono.

Conclusion from the conversation :

1. How ?
2. Now?
3. Sparks?
3. Golden. (security guard...we got the same color = =)
4. Original?
5. DM?
6. Future?


most of all : we were stucked with our layout. how to arrange everything in such a limited space? ALL PPL DO NEED SPACE TO SURVIVE. Blame the small class room, restrained our creativity~ Our brain juice will turn in to jizz soon... oh i cant jizz...well. :D

OH Cheese showed me his DJ skill using the synthesizer. He played 3 types of Numb/Encore remix. Shall record the SHOW one day. ^^

Khop Khun

Which means Thank You in Thai. 

Khop Khun.

Anyway just heard the original Flashing Lights by Kanye West, i knew that song! lol There are a lot of remixes of Flashing Lights out there but Diplo's is the best! Me love Diplo's remixes.. check out my playlist. I got it all :D 

Okay here is a xmas present for all : Flashing Lights (Diplo Remix) (zshare

enjoy the song and have a merry xmas. ^^ oh ya i got 2 prezzies this year. A small silver ultraman keychain ( xchg gift) and a lovely carved silver letter opener from my singapore aunt. 

This photo got lights! edited by Von McDon Don. :D thx. The original version of this photo will never be revealed! wahahaa

"She don't belive in shooting stars, 
She believe in shoes and cars."

Khop Khun. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Eve

Wednesday xmas eve.

Did some house chores and ready for BBQ night! I saw a kitten my house, thx to my dogs cause they keep barking at it but that lil kitten is not afraid of PuiKia and Dori. Brave lil kitty!

I like cat. I always do. 

Took some photos of the white fur kitten. It just sat there and stared around like a statue. :D
So small that i am afraid that any car might just squash it. >.<

close-up. The kitten's right eye looked injured.

I cosplayed as a santa and gave this lil kitten an early xmas present
HotDogs. =)

Aww i am so gonna miss that kitten! Hope that it can live well and i believe that it will coz it have a pair of strong eyes. Haha.

Back to xmas bbq, i did not have time to take much photos cause i was busy bbq-ing hahaa & i got another party to attend. Anyway :

Prezzies...more to come!

I am fire starter! muahaha

I like the fence now. Look like secret garden or something

Testing out the marinated chickens.


Apple with the wine..okei is sparkling juice.

Cousins, uncle and sister.

My aunty fr Singapore bought this xmas cake.

wtf. santa in pink. 
too bad din get the chance to eat the cake.. - -

Missed out a lot of actions(lack of photos) cause i was MIA after 10pm. Damn i want the curry!!!!!! 


Last week, went to KL with Ying to fetch Cha Sao Bao( Ying's college buddy).   :D No is not food is a human being. I wonder why he call himself chasaobao.... So on a lovely Sunday evening, we went to KL and yes, traffic jammed. Anyway i brought my D40 along to make sure my D40 won't forget its own existence - to take photos. ^^"

My december's babe.

Depth of field!! :D lovely two little bunnies. - - 

Ahh my fav. moruko or moriji or morujin.

Purposely shot the yellow light. Know why?

Jammed again ( road to PUDU)
I like this. 

Finally this is Chasaobao.

Which part look like bao? :D

After we got our chasaobao, we went to play Left 4 Dead. We were shooting and shouting ( mostly yingying wahahhaa) in the CC. Celaka bao keep startled the Witch.... - - and Yingying frightened by the witch. Hoho. I hate tank. We played for 4 hours nonstop and even missed our dinner. HAHA. poor bao had to play with us even after a long bus trip from Penang. :D 

I still hate Sunday.

Anyway, can't wait to watch " Let The Right One In", another vampire movie but i bet this is much better thn the other one (twilight) . :D

2009 come to me!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good and Bad

1. Tml is xmas eve!
2. BBQ party.
3. Got some cash from unexpected source.

1. Don't want to talk abt it. 
2. ..... hope i will be fine.
3. Assignments deadline are getting nearer

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sore throat.
Lao Sai.
Can't breathe well.

Finally consulted a doc. 
So i got fever, sore throat and maybe some air stucked in my stomach or my lungs got something fishy going on. 
Sick is bad for health. Yes i know. think i don't know? Just a little bit unhealthy. 

What if i am a dead man? 

What if.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pro enough?

Saw a poster in my campus about dota. 

Tempted to join but omg is only for pro. 

:D If anyone interested, you can visit this link Pro-GamersArena.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dearrrr Ying Ying! Finally she 20 years old..  - - but the year is ending btw.

I literally lost in Sungai Wang. - - I can't recognize the place there anymore. Damn it. IT took me 30 min just to find the exit.  Well we supposed to sing k at GreenBox but those earlybirds went to shop and forgot to get the room first T_T In the end, we went to sing k at redbox lowyat. Thats the part when i got lost.

After sing k, bday gal wanted to get something :D Her bf bought her a LV bag. I don't know the name of the bag coz i not fancy about those stuffs yet. Mayb in the future for me. ya. Anyway i bet she was damn happy to get tat! haha Good for her.

Later, we went to Chilis to have our dinner. I learned a lesson from there, NEVER ORDER ALONE, SHARE. Each of us were so hungry and we all ordered our own dishes, end up our stomach almost exploded. I sweared i wan about to puke. haha. Talk about eat with you life.

After that, we all went home coz got no ideas where to go for 2nd round. The weather not fine either. After the lovely couple fetch me and biao home, thn we faster planned the countdown. Seriously the cake shop open till 1230am for me man. HAHA TATS HOW YOU GOT THE CAKE miss yingying. :D Oh and we dragged Hakkai along to bash her. 

Hakkai called her and told her that Biao left his hp in her car and asked her to come down and check. We waited for like 30min outside of her house, and she never came down. - - Lucky the rain stopped if not we will be like idiots under the rain. haha 

Surprisingly, Biao's hp worth something and she did went down ( with pyjams.. i mean sexy pyjamas :D ) along with her bf to check on the hp. TADA! Gotcha dudes. Then we went to yamcha with SeowHooi till late night. Our initial intention was to go CC and hunt some zombies.. ya play Left 4 Dead. LOL 

"I gonna spend my bday in CC again" Bday gal said that but in the end we did not made it to the CC.  Be happy! haha

Gonna get the photos soon. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUAAXXXX!! :D

Bloody my heart pain again. Chest pain or whatever it is. Maybe is the burger. - - damn

happy bday dear yingying ~ :D (steal pic!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Artsy Tech-no-logic Day~

Hi. I am acting free now, so i decided to post this :

Yesterday, me and my coursemates went to National Art Gallery at KL aka Balai Seni for our Media Aesthetic assignment. Pick an artwork from the gallery and write some comments. Why izit call balai seni? Sounds like Balai , some sort of balai bomba or balai polis.... OH well.

Reached there around 10:10am and i was very sleepy. @@ After explored around the place finally we all got bored and started to something like this :

The gay pose.

"Umar, are you a womanizer?"
"Not Yet"

"Keat you officially gay "

They do look good together. XD 
Only Umar knows what i talking about HAHA BL!

Donate Rm50.

Rm10.. so kiam siap!

Before ciao to have our lunch, let's have some conventional group photos :

Act hungry pls.

JianWei loves to jump.

Me with gay pose~ ngek


Selepas itu, kita semua pigi ke KLCC kerana ada Pc Fair. :D  Yea imagine the crowd there... full with humans and if you lost sight of your friends, you are own your own.  I hate crowds! 

& i saw Yingying and Carrine. Jealous! can work i oso wan work! haha Yingying looked tired! She turning 20 soon... finally  = = I am already 20 for N months.  Anyway Jianwei bought a nice printer for me. LOL okay is for the house... Thx dude.

Back to current situation :

I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY. When you put ur mind into something, it will become reality. I hope so. I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY.


miss japan


It's been awhile since i listen to Jrock/visual-kei songs!! Damn. I still love it.

My fav vk band : Alice Nine! The vocal me likey! He got the voice and the look man. Shou-sama haha most of the fans call him Shou-sama but i gonna call him shouji, for fun.

And my lovely Uverworld... will they every come to MSIA? i doubt that. - - So i must go to Japan. I MUST! Their Live at Shibuya was awesome!! I only can watch from which is a very sad case. Sad as in real real sad. 


Friday, December 12, 2008

Jizz in your pants. Ya u

Something that must be remember :

Don't jizz around ya! :D Get it?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


New remixes. 
okei those songs are not new but some i just discovered and some i just love it. 

mind-fuck moment again. Why? I just need music now. 

" Must be a devil between us. HEY! "

The song Hey (Diplo Remix) in my playlist is not the complete version but i got the complete version. Trust me, is very nice (to my brain).  

Hey ( Diplo Devil Remix) - The Pixies (Zshare

I really don't know how to play  the game of relationship. Let the devil do his jobs. Hey.
no no i aint got no relationship right now. Gotcha.

I always thought that i am special but i am not. I am just ordinary, normal citizen of the Earth. My existence won't cause any butterfly effect to anything or anyone at anywhere. I am just too small to get what i want. 

Sometimes too ambitious is a bad thing. Knowing the truth is a bad thing too. 

So, all shall go ebay and buy this book :" How to be the chosen one? The dummy guide to senses!"

Thx you for purchasing. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MUST WATCH!!!@!!@!@_*!

2012... the year where the Mayan calender predicted that the world will end. 4 more years... but nex year summer~ you will get to have a sneak preview of what will gonna happen ( hope not  - -) :

Angels&Demons, same author Davincci Code. Yup they gonna make it to the big silver screen! i like movie abt unexplainable, religion, mysterious world, suspense... the unknown! 

Arghhh! Have to wait till next year for all these! 2009 gonna be fun! Lots of "wow" factor movies are coming! happy new year!

48 years to go

Whee i just found out that the smiley moon that i saw last week ( 1st of dec), that particular phenomenon only occur every 48 years. The space just smiled upon us. "Greetings Universe!"

Lucky that day my mom asked me to look at the moon. My parents were fetching me back to Cyberjaya, and my mom just shouted :" OI LOOK at the moon! is smilling!" I just sighed and looked at it. " oh that call smilling? watch me smile" ( i am a bad daughter)

Along the highway i can saw the moon smilling back at me too. When reached Cyber, saw Roy and Charuk playing tennis outside the house. So i joined them. Later Nana appeared with a dslr camera, i asked her :" Apa you doing with the camera? Shoot hansome hunks?" Well, she was not hunting for any hunks instead she just took photo of the smiling moon coz her mom asked her too. After awhile, my mom sms-ed me to look at the moon again. = = Then Yvonne pope
d out outside the house too, coz her sis just called her to look at the moon. Wow. That was weird.

End up we all went to look for the smilling moon, but thx to the tall apartment in Cyberia, we got hard time searching for it and we gave up.  Too bad Roy, Charuk n Yvonne din get to see this sight. 

Anyway, i got excited now cause i just found out that the smilling moon actually is the spectacular conjunction between Venus & Jupiter and the crescent Moon hence the smiley emoticon face. 48 years man!! Nex time if i ever got chance to see it again will be when i am 68 years old. 

What an extraordinary way to kick start this holiday month~ December. 

I will get the photo from my fren Nana soon. Yay got it from Nana-chan ald :D

psst : oh ya thx mom.

Monday, December 8, 2008

+ +


Assignment time.

Gotta buckle up! SKETCH!!!!!!!!!!! 

but i am lazy.

GOOD NEWS! my in the mood for love soundtrack is 90% done!!  Finally i got the songs that i wanted but the movie download is bloody slow. What movie? A very nice movie that i used to watch when i am lil. =) can't wait for it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Early ***** xmas. :D

Friday night! 

Xmas is coming to town. I got my xmas tree in my house! My sis decorated it and we decided to camwhore with it. I dono why, people just love to take pic beside the xmas tree. Some photos to spice up the xmas spirit!!!! :

Behold~ the notorious xmas tree!

yeaaa~ me like xmas!

"decorating" the tree.

Cousin Xuemin and my sis. Both are 
disgusting :D in a good way.

Asked mom to help us take some photos..but end up all blurred :

"you sure all the photos are sharp?"
"Ya is clear."
Apparently not.

Mom should get a new spec or anything... she seriously got problem with her eyes!!!! NOOOOO!! now back to normal photographer :

What are you trying to do?

No. Santa won't giv you anything 
even u made ur ears in to socks

When the clock reached 12am~ we got bored ( and tipsy maybe) . So Xuemin and me planned a plot. BLEND/MIX each other attires for photoshooting. Theme : As weird as you can get.  Poor cousin How Yee had to play with us too even though his left foot not in a good condition. 

Formal blouse + cropped coat + polkadots skirt
+ weird hairstyle + kitty ears

Red Indian style + a cute skirt...
he not supposed to wear jeans!!

We know you loved us.

A oversized tshirt + mini fitted tee
+ ugly yellow skirt + belt as necklace

U called this couture? 



Stripes long sleeves shirt + idk orangeyelloish tank top 
+ gold color belt +white skirt + winter cap..

Pose with the tree.. YEAAHHH~

kao meng. 

We are so beautiful! in an eccentric way  - - 

Digged nose, digged teeth, digged ear~



Poor & innocent 

I knew he loved THIS!


Never wear skirt for a long time.
Din know i will wear it coz of thisssss

She kept fell down on the cushion... 

:D lovely 

Where is the xmas tree!!? don't worry~ xmas tree is still here and fine :

GRind with the tree... ngek ngek = =

Nex time we shall cosplay as xmas tree or something better... :

p.s nope i wont wear this in public.