Friday, December 26, 2008


Last week, went to KL with Ying to fetch Cha Sao Bao( Ying's college buddy).   :D No is not food is a human being. I wonder why he call himself chasaobao.... So on a lovely Sunday evening, we went to KL and yes, traffic jammed. Anyway i brought my D40 along to make sure my D40 won't forget its own existence - to take photos. ^^"

My december's babe.

Depth of field!! :D lovely two little bunnies. - - 

Ahh my fav. moruko or moriji or morujin.

Purposely shot the yellow light. Know why?

Jammed again ( road to PUDU)
I like this. 

Finally this is Chasaobao.

Which part look like bao? :D

After we got our chasaobao, we went to play Left 4 Dead. We were shooting and shouting ( mostly yingying wahahhaa) in the CC. Celaka bao keep startled the Witch.... - - and Yingying frightened by the witch. Hoho. I hate tank. We played for 4 hours nonstop and even missed our dinner. HAHA. poor bao had to play with us even after a long bus trip from Penang. :D 

I still hate Sunday.

Anyway, can't wait to watch " Let The Right One In", another vampire movie but i bet this is much better thn the other one (twilight) . :D

2009 come to me!

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