Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dearrrr Ying Ying! Finally she 20 years old..  - - but the year is ending btw.

I literally lost in Sungai Wang. - - I can't recognize the place there anymore. Damn it. IT took me 30 min just to find the exit.  Well we supposed to sing k at GreenBox but those earlybirds went to shop and forgot to get the room first T_T In the end, we went to sing k at redbox lowyat. Thats the part when i got lost.

After sing k, bday gal wanted to get something :D Her bf bought her a LV bag. I don't know the name of the bag coz i not fancy about those stuffs yet. Mayb in the future for me. ya. Anyway i bet she was damn happy to get tat! haha Good for her.

Later, we went to Chilis to have our dinner. I learned a lesson from there, NEVER ORDER ALONE, SHARE. Each of us were so hungry and we all ordered our own dishes, end up our stomach almost exploded. I sweared i wan about to puke. haha. Talk about eat with you life.

After that, we all went home coz got no ideas where to go for 2nd round. The weather not fine either. After the lovely couple fetch me and biao home, thn we faster planned the countdown. Seriously the cake shop open till 1230am for me man. HAHA TATS HOW YOU GOT THE CAKE miss yingying. :D Oh and we dragged Hakkai along to bash her. 

Hakkai called her and told her that Biao left his hp in her car and asked her to come down and check. We waited for like 30min outside of her house, and she never came down. - - Lucky the rain stopped if not we will be like idiots under the rain. haha 

Surprisingly, Biao's hp worth something and she did went down ( with pyjams.. i mean sexy pyjamas :D ) along with her bf to check on the hp. TADA! Gotcha dudes. Then we went to yamcha with SeowHooi till late night. Our initial intention was to go CC and hunt some zombies.. ya play Left 4 Dead. LOL 

"I gonna spend my bday in CC again" Bday gal said that but in the end we did not made it to the CC.  Be happy! haha

Gonna get the photos soon. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUAAXXXX!! :D

Bloody my heart pain again. Chest pain or whatever it is. Maybe is the burger. - - damn

happy bday dear yingying ~ :D (steal pic!)

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